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  1. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has any insight on what phone providers work well in Windsor? Right now I’m with Fido but pay around $65-70 a month so looking for something cheaper as long as I get good service and data!
  2. Yup, the week after the dual orientation
  3. Hey! I’m in the Dual and so the break down is this pick up your student visa depending on your last name on either Aug 13 or 14 and then on the 15th we all have a mandatory border crossing/immersion course to do. Not sure what it entails yet. Dual orientation is from the 19th to either 21 or 22nd and the single orientation is 26 to 29 I believe Hope that helps!
  4. Hey sorry all rooms are full! Best of luck
  5. Hey we have a house we’re interested in (us 3 girls - 2 Dual and 1 single) and the house is 3 floors with 3 bedrooms and each has their own washroom and walk in closet. Doesn’t matter if you’re in dual or single if you haven’t found a place and I have pictures of the place too! It’ll be cheaper if we have 6 girls versus 3 and it’s essentially 3 different apartment levels with 3 beds. Message me asap because we wanna lease it right away!!
  6. Hey! I’m an incoming dual student and 1) I believe orientation at udm is from August 19 to either the 21 or 22 (can’t remember, I emailed about this). However we have to be at Windsor for border crossing and an immersion class the week prior 2) no classes on weekends but not sure about the schedule from Monday to Friday 3) December exams are subject to change but are at the moment scheduled for dec 9-19 (I emailed about this too) 4) not sure about summer schedule!!
  7. I’ve been waitlisted since mid February
  8. You can register for it yourself online! I originally did rsvp through the website on my own and received the email for the invite later (which I found in my junk)
  9. Hey I just wanted to know if anyone has a schedule of how classes were for this past September for the 1L Dual program? Just have something happening for one week in September and wanted to get an idea of when classes end and what days classes were! Thanks
  10. Hey guys, just wanted to know for those that applied to both the dual and single on UWinsite are both your applications still visible? Mine shows 1 active application and my dual is visible however my single JD is no longer there?
  11. Hey guys, I provisionally accepted my offer for the Dual JD (only acceptance as of now but on the waitlist for the single). I was wondering if anyone else in the Dual program plans has a car to go inbetween Windsor and UDM because I don't mind splitting the yearly parking pass to carpool together! Also if any girls are looking for roommates or places to stay for next year please PM me because I would like to find a place together with fellow Dual or Single JD students
  12. Thanks! I submitted my Dual App I believe at the end of January/beginning of February because my status was 'Complete' and I had e-mailed them regarding my To-Do List having odd dates. They said they were waiting for my Dual App to update it so once I submitted it, I went to Referred to AdCom!
  13. Accepted sometime last week cGPA 3.44 LSAT 153 and L2 3.8
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