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  1. I'm a Canadian planning to study law in the US or UK. Since UK is commonwealth, I assume I will have to write fewer NCA exams. I'm in the process of submitting applications and would appreciate advice as to which direction would be most fruitful for me. I do not know much about returning to Canada from the US as I do about the UK. Thank you!
  2. I'm commencing upon a 6-month study schedule for September 2017's LSAT. I live in North Vancouver and can commute. Please comment or contact me if you're interested in collaborating as study buddies. We can also create a study group if there is enough interest.
  3. What's the best online LSAT Prep Course? Kaplan, Power Score or The Princeton Review? Do you recommend the live classes over recorded classes? Why or why not? Thanks!
  4. I graduate with my Bachelor Degree in Aug 2017 and I will be applying to law schools by the Nov. 1st, 2017 deadline. Will it impact my chances for admission if I write the December LSAT rather than the September? And is it advantageous in any way to apply before I graduate? Thanks!
  5. According to Oxford Seminar's Canadian Law School Profile, a majority of deadlines are in Nov. I'm assuming this would mean that I would have to wait almost two years before admission?
  6. I graduate in August 2017 and would like to be admitted into law school as soon as possible. I would require 3-4 months of intense studying for the LSAT which could be written in Sep or Dec. Based on my timeline, it looks like I can only write the December LSAT. Thusly, I plan to apply in January once I have received my LSAT score. My questions for you is regarding my application timeline. 1. What is the best date to apply to all law schools? I plan to apply to all schools in Canada to increase my chances and options. 2. Does it make sense to take the summer off of classes to write my LSAT in September? I would then graduate in December. I think not, but a confirmation would be appreciated. 3. Is there any way to write the LSAT on a date other than the predetermined dates? Thank you!
  7. It was a niche publication in Vancouver. My GPA is out of 4.33 Thank you! It's good to know what to aim towards for my LSAT
  8. Hello! Here is my situation: In 2010, I left Simon Fraser University after my second year of study for a 4-year career working as a magazine editor. At the time, I had no interest in a graduate program and I didn't perform well in school. I also have some WEC's (withdrawal under extenuating circumstances) on my transcript due to family problems. Between 2014 and now, I've been taking 3-4 courses per semester to graduate. My grades have significantly improved and demonstrate consistancy. I will graduate in Aug 2017 at the age of 29 with a GPA of approximately 3.2. My L2 is around 3.5. My degree is a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Communications and a Minor in Sociology. I haven't written my LSAT yet, so I cannot report my LSAT score. For the purpose of this thread, let's assume I score over 155. I understand that with my GPA, a high LSAT score will give me a sliver of a chance for entry into a Canadian law school. Naturally, I would prefer a top school. I have brainstormed the following ideas to get into law school and appreciate your feedback: A) Apply for a MBA, graduate, then apply to law school. B) Spend a year working in a law firm while upgrading and studying for my LSAT. An application with relevant work experience and improved grades may boost my chance of acceptance. C) Apply to the UK, return to Canada, write my NCA exams, and hopefully obtain an articling opportunity. I read on this website that some do paralegal work after returning and prior to articling. While I understand the hurdles this option has, the UK's 2-year program appeals to me as I can get the studying component out of the way sooner than later. D) Write my LSAT after obtaining my bachelor degree. Apply to Canadian schools and UK schools. Decide what to do from there. This means I would start in the UK in Jan 2018 rather than Sept 2017. Do you have any advice to nudge me in the right direction? Any suggestions for schools would also be much appreciated. Thank you for reading and commenting! Edit: My GPA is on a 4.33 scale. The magazine is a niche Vancouver-based publication.
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