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  1. Definitely go to U of M to be with your partner. Robson Hall students get summer jobs and articling positions in other provinces.
  2. Last year, contracts was split into the A01-A03 sections.
  3. Anyone have experience with OneNote and how it compares to Notability? Which do you prefer? Pros and cons? I used the latter throughout my undergrad and loved it. It was super easy to keep notes and PDFs organized, but I'm interested in OneNote and if it's a better option.
  4. Tuition at U of M is under $12,000. Your stats would guarantee you an entrance scholarship (4,000+), the average bursary is $4,500 not to mention federal and provincial grants and bursaries when you apply for student loans (another couple grand). Those three sources alone could cover almost all of your tuition. Then there are scholarships to apply for. Factor in cost of living per city as well.
  5. Acceptance threads on LS for previous years will tell you what the index cut off was in each year. Takes some minor digging, but we've all done it...
  6. Try not to fall under the assumption that U of M is your best shot. Robson Hall only takes into account your GPA and LSAT score. No referees, not your extra curriculars, not your back story to indicate your ability to persevere. If you have a weak GPA and LSAT score, there are other schools where you may have a better shot at admitance. U of C, for example, takes a much more holistic approach to their assessment of applicants.
  7. I second Osborne Village. I also recommend the Corydon area near Osborne. Both have a lot of food options, decent coffee (Make on Corydon would be my pick from the two areas), and transit routes to the U of M. They are also a short commute to DT if you're the biking-type. Extreme caution though that Winnipeg Transit is in no way comparable to what you have in DT TO. The U of M is in the south end of the city, and our transit takes quite a bit longer to get anywhere compared to the subway and/or street cars. Whats even better is when the bus is full and continues to drive past your stop, the next bus doesn't come for another 30 minutes, its -30 C out, and the stop doesn't have a heated bus shelter... That only ever happened to me on non-rapid transit routes (the 36 to be exact), so if you can find a place that you like near RT, you should take it. Or find a place closer to school at the sacrifice of the hipster neighbourhood. You can find old character apartments for as low as $700/month. The care-takers of some old buildings usually (from my experience and friends) turn a blind eye to cats, but if you don't want to take the chance, you will be paying more for a pet friendly apartment.
  8. In a FAQ email from Marie on April 21: "5: Do I register for courses? What is my schedule? Commencing in 2017-2018, First Year Law Students will register themselves for courses ... Registration for First Year students will be Tuesday August 1, 2017. More details/information to come!" I'm sure that any other 0L who has paid their deposit can confirm that they received the same email and information.
  9. Incoming 2017-2018 first year students will apparently register for their own courses in August. I'm not sure if that means that we simply get to choose a section of the three, or if we can mix and match professors from the current sections. Either way, can anyone give insight on the following profs? Any info is much appreciated Torts: Porcin, Irvine, Schulz Constitutional: Craft, Whitecloud, Gunn Contracts: Curran, Shariff Crim: Milward, Khoday, Jochelson Property: Irvine, Fainstein, Short Legal Systems: Labman, Turnbull
  10. Anyone you would recommend from Scotia to meet with? Another member posted a link to contact information for specific advisors familiar with law in each city, but the email bounced back for the Winnipeg advisor. I'm really hoping to get prime.
  11. Thanks you for your reply! I'm not currently with Scotiabank. If I choose to go with the Scotia plan, will I need to cancel my accounts at my current bank before getting approved, or do I only have to cancel them after I am approved and would like to accept?
  12. I'll definitely aim to apply as soon as possible. Thanks!
  13. About how long does it take to to be approved for both a line of credit and student loans? How early is it recommended to apply?
  14. Any recommendations for which banks and reps to visit in Winnipeg regarding PSLOC? A couple of people have said that prime +x% sometimes depends on the area on Canada. What has the experience in Winnipeg been like?
  15. How competitive was it to receive these RA positions, in your experience?
  16. Same as jag. I receieved the date (you're right, it's the on 17th) but no additional details yet. Can anyone currently in RH who attended it last year tell us about it? How worth it is it to attend?
  17. Fellow 0L lurker here! I'm considering Robson Hall for 2017, and I have a couple of questions. 1. What is the workload like in 1L at Robson Hall? How many hours a day outside of class would you say is expected to study and work on assignments? 2. Which 1L course did you find the most difficult? I've heard that contracts is tough this year, but of course, this is probably different for everyone. 3. How many networking and social events take place for 1L students? Are most of these formal or casual? I'm sure I'll have more questions come up, but if anyone can provide insight on the above, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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