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  1. I just went to the DoJ open house and they hire 2Ls in the same way as big firms. They said they had a hiring freeze under the previous government and now they have a hiring frenzy. Sounds like a really good time to get it.
  2. You've got lots of time left to do both. You definitely need to do full tests, especially if you're unfamiliar with the long format or fatigue easily; but sections can be helpful too, especially if you're weak in one area. IMO it's more important what you do after the drilling: find explanations of the answers online and go through every wrong answer or those you struggled with and understand how to come to the right answer.
  3. What really helped me was comparing practice exams to explanations of the answers. I had to find out why I got it wrong or struggled. I just found it by googling. Good luck!
  4. I don't think 162 is marginal. IIRC UBCs average LSAT is 166. With that cgpa, I suspect you'll be fine.
  5. What really helped me with studying was doing practice tests and then finding in depth explanations of the answers I got wrong. It's not enough to just mark it and move on.
  6. I got in on discretionary but I only know this because I asked about the status of my regular application and they said my GPA "wasn't competitive."
  7. I only know UBC: you are automatically in both categories if you have a BA. Given this, you should absolutely apply as a discretionary student if you qualify. Also the UBC admission staff are very speedy and friendly and I'm sure will clarify if you have any questions. I applied in regular and they advised me I could do discretionary too; I was able to switch my application. I was accepted too! Good luck.
  8. I'm not sure how it was considered but I took several 200 level courses in my final year and I got into UBC. I would hazard they don't care.
  9. Sorry to hear you're having problems! I don't know the answers to all your questions but I do know they only accept students for September starts. When I was considering applying I asked a similar question and the program staff told me so. Good luck!
  10. If I remember correctly when I got a mortgage, they don't particularly care about what kind of debt it is but rather whether your income can support your debt requirements and the added mortgage, ie your income to debt ratio. If you're making good money, you can probably still get a mortgage but the smaller monthly debt payments, the more borrowing potential you'll have. A friend who approves mortgages said it roughly works out to every $100k is $500/month in mortgage payments, and they don't like to approve more than 30% of you're income for debt/mortgages. You'll need, I think, 10% of the home's value minimum for a down payment too. Hope this helps!
  11. I received an offer today in the discretionary category. I have a 3.6 gpa and a 169 lsat. I believe my work experience is what got me in: I have been working as an advocate in post secondaries for over 7 years assisting students with their individual cases. I applied as a mature student. Good luck to those still waiting and I love forward to seeing those already accepted in September!
  12. I just used the calculator on the forum (don't know why I didn't see it before!) and my cGPA came back as 78.28% with drops, and a 91.12 index. Not sure where I went wrong but math has never been my strong point!
  13. Hello! I have also applied in the discretionary category. My understanding is that you are only considered in both categories if you already have a BA. I have a 80.9% with drops and a 169 LSAT. I calculated my index at 91.8 but was told my GPA was not competitive enough for the regular category. It seems some people are being accepted with this index, so I'm thinking I calculated my GPA incorrectly (I have transfers from two schools plus one year at UBC). Good luck everyone!
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