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  1. PotatoTaco

    2018 1L Toronto Recruit

    What's everyone thinking in terms of dinner the first night? Would your decision influence the remainder of your week? (in b/w Blakes & Davies atm) I'm indifferent about the two but I don't want to send a bad "signal"...
  2. I didn't mail out my Acceptance of Offer letter; I just scanned it and emailed it to Vicky. My status was instantly changed to Firm Acceptance on OASIS following our phone call.
  3. Haha all good - I called Vicky Monday morning to clarify and she adjusted my status on OASIS.
  4. Ahh it states that it was due April 1st, but I thought a firm acceptance on OLSAS was sufficient for the time being. I've emailed admissions but I really hope this doesn't hinder my acceptance..
  5. I've accepted my offer to Osgoode on OLSAS on March 30th, but the status of my application on OASIS remains at "no response to offer". I haven't mailed out the "Confirmation of Acceptance" form yet, so is that the reason why? Just a tad worried about this.... Any clarification on this process would be appreciated..thanks!
  6. PotatoTaco

    Ask a 1L — 2017 Edition

    What's the parking like on campus? I will most likely be commuting by car and acquiring a parking pass.
  7. PotatoTaco

    Ask a 1L!

    Has anyone (who is interested in pursuing business law) turned down Osgoode for Queen's? What are your reasons? I ask this because I was speaking with a lot of admitted students at the open house yesterday and the majority of them were deciding between the two schools. Thanks!
  8. PotatoTaco

    Ask a 1L — 2017 Edition

    Are you guys enjoying your first year at Osgoode? I just worry that due to it being a commuter school I won't feel a sense of community or become very close with classmates. I attended Queen's reception and it appears that the school focuses on fostering a study/life balance and creates opportunities for students to bond outside the classroom. Is this something that Osgoode offers?
  9. PotatoTaco

    Ask a 1L — 2017 Edition

    I have a question regarding the grading scheme at Osgoode; is it based on a bell-curve? against your core or incoming class?
  10. PotatoTaco

    Ask a 1L!

    I have a question regarding the grading scheme at Queen's; is it based on a bell-curve? against your core or incoming class?
  11. I have a question regarding provisional acceptances of Ontario law schools. Let's say I accept an offer provisionally now, will I have to submit a firm acceptance before April 1st on OLSAS? Any clarification around this process would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!
  12. PotatoTaco

    facebook group?

    Maybe someone should create a fb group for admitted students
  13. PotatoTaco

    Firm-hosted receptions for admitted students

    I just attended Osgoode's reception this week, and the attendees were dressed in business formal clothing. In the invitation, they indicated that the dress code was business casual, but the majority of people wore suits. The reception was still pretty casual, but comparable to a wine & cheese event. Hope this helps! A