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  1. I don't think anyone was making an assumption on your character based on the lone question. But I'm sure you're most definitely being judged for your hypersensitive responses to practical answers. And I don't see how any of what was said could be described as pretentious or condescending. It's a fact that employers, and maybe to some extent law schools, look up your social media profiles. It's a fact that people have been let go for controversial posts, whether intentional or not. How is it condescending to just give forewarning to others to be mindful of their online activity?
  2. Imagine how that conversation would go though. "Oh hi, sorry to get you're hopes up but we're going to need you to forget our whole conversation from yesterday. Be on standby and happy holidays!"
  3. That's fair. But from my POV it's more in my self-interest to simplify the decision process by narrowing down the options.
  4. Well I received offers from 2 of 3 schools that I had the most interest in. It just doesn't make sense to hang onto a spot here when it could go to someone else.
  5. Congratulations to all those accepted. For those interested, I officially declined my offer as London is just too far from family for me. Hopefully this frees up space for someone else early in the cycle.
  6. Got the call around 4pm! LSAT: 158, 167 GPA: 3.68 B3: 3.84, L2: 3.39 I would say average ECs (TA, co-op) and personal statement with optional essay. Congratulations to everyone accepted so far and good luck to those still in queue!
  7. Being that lone forum member, I'm finding that to be difficult myself. On a side note, does anyone know if past cycles shows a trend in admissions for a particular day of the week/time? I've been browsing through old acceptance threads but can't seem to pull out a time in which they were posted.
  8. That's definitely something that I've been keeping in the back of my head. Maybe it's due to my background, but I for the life of me can't seem be motivated to learn any of the main European languages (ex. French, Spanish, Italian). I have bigger personal interest in learning Japanese and Cantonese, and find learning becomes easier because of it.
  9. Hi all, I'm currently a 0L looking to get some perspective on the legal job market in Toronto and the rest of the GTA. Specifically, how much does being bilingual in English/French help in landing OCI/articling positions/permanent positions. I did my undergrad in Ottawa but was originally from Toronto. The limit of my french education was the mandatory curriculum up until grade 9 (I did well... but on paper that's not saying much). Honestly, it was a bit of a culture shock moving a little up north because there's so much emphasis on bilingualism and how it helps in job prospects. I majored in accounting so it wasn't as bad, but I definitely felt like a deer in headlights when conversations would break into french, either in a school/work environment. Any experiences shared would be appreciated.
  10. The main problem with this approach is that you're assuming people who scored 120-140 are going to apply and is a consistent part of that applicant pool. A 161 is in the 83rd percentile of LSAT takers for a particular test. It doesn't mean you're the 83rd percentile of the 9,000 (or so) applicants. Not to say a 161 isn't a good score. It's just an erroneous perspective to be looking at things.
  11. Updated. Also, my school of choice (atm) is UofT so I was feeling anxious about my L2 and registered to write a 3rd time. Considering no one else has posted anything, I'm inclined to believe they gave me the news early in case I wanted to withdraw from the LSAT.
  12. Yeah. It really came out of a left field because most of the predictions for today were UofT and Osgoode. Western's confirmation emails came pretty late so I was expecting this a little later too.
  13. Hi all, Guess I'll be starting up this round. Just got the call a few minutes ago. LSAT: 158, 167 GPA: 3.68 B3: 3.84, L2: 3.39 Surname: H Note: the assistant dean I spoke with mentioned that because I was registered to take the LSAT tomorrow, they wanted to give me a heads up early.
  14. Just checked my application and status changed to OFFER also! I probably won't be accepting, but hopefully this will serve as a useful data point for prospective students! GPA: 3.68 GPA (with drops): 3.84 LSAT: 158, 167
  15. Hey guys! Maybe this is just my type A personality kicking in but I'm seriously considering retaking the LSAT for December. Would testing in December cause the ad. com to hold back on evaluating my application until scores come in? If not, and assuming my application is competitive enough as is for December rolling admissions, would there be a chance that I would receive an offer before receiving my score?
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