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  1. chancethelawyer

    Chances? [3.68, 159]

    You have a good shot, people with similar stats have been accepted. I spoke to admissions a few months back and they said they round your gpa to 2 decimal places when they are ranking you, although they would round that to a 3.7 for the applicant profile link to the applicant profile, it gives you an indication of your chances from the previous cycle https://www.ualberta.ca/law/admissions/juris-doctor/applicant-profile
  2. chancethelawyer

    1L or 2L recruit

    How hard is it to find summer positions in Edmonton?
  3. chancethelawyer

    Waitlist Consideration/Waitlist 2017

    I haven't heard back at all, anyone else still waiting?
  4. chancethelawyer


    They round your GPA up/down for the applicant chart but when they are ranking you based on the formula they keep it to 2 decimal places, that is what the admissions office told me a few months ago. If I were you I would aim for above 160, that would put you at a good spot! Good luck!
  5. chancethelawyer

    Accepted to Alberta 2017

    For anyone that got a phone call yesterday, with no email or beartracks update, I called the admissions office and they said there is often a 48 hour delay from when you are accepted to when you get the email. By the end of tomorrow everyone accepted should have an email!
  6. chancethelawyer

    Accepted to Alberta 2017

    Got a phone call about an hour ago! No email or update on beartracks. L2: 3.76 LSAT: 157