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  1. Osler - Calgary - second interviews/uofc Norton Rose Fulbright Calgary - uofc/first in-firms McCarthy Calgary - uofc/First in-firms
  2. can you share which days they're offering? first week of Oct?
  3. UofC candidates, for the most part, go straight to In-firms for Calgary offices.
  4. Dentons Calgary - in firms - UofC/Calgary Gowling Calgary - in firms - UofC/Calgary
  5. Let's get it going for the western provinces. I've heard of the following so far: Firm - Office Location - Type of Notification/Interview Bennett Jones - Calgary - In-firms Calgary Blakes - Calgary - In-firms Calgary Lawson Lundell - Vancouver - OCI Alberta
  6. https://image.ibb.co/hmdQpv/2017_dec_exam.jpg it's under current students at law.ucalgary.ca looks like 15th is the last exam for 1Ls
  7. if it's diff. tuit. bursary, it'll get applied in two chunks. (1/2 in fall 1/2 in winter). close to sept, financial office will confirm your enrolment and request the balance (tuition - bursary) to be deposited directly to your uofc account you'll receive the remainder deposited to your bank account. (for BC studentaid)
  8. bump for this year. are we looking at late july this year as well?
  9. anybody hear from McLennan Ross? Shea Nerland?
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