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  1. Does anyone have a summary for Sinel for Torts? Our JPs could not get a hold of them. Much thanks!!!
  2. I just completed the online quiz 1 for OTLATLS and received a grade of 50%. They said it is marked on a pass or fail basis so I guess I am in the clear. Does this mean on our transcripts it will just say pass or fail? Also, reading past threads, it seems like the memo was 5% of their grade, but I guess this has now changed? Thanks
  3. Also still in the queue. Are law schools obligated to give acceptance/rejected/ waitlist answer before July 4? It seems like a lot of us are still in limbo and with 2 weeks left, I wonder if Osgoode will be able to answer everyone back in time....
  4. Accepted today! Beyond excited. 3.55 GPA Last 2 3.8ish Lsat 159 and above average ECs and LORs
  5. Just my two cents.. I personally provisionally accepted Uottawa but it is not my first choice. I have 3 other ontario schools that I am waiting to hear back from (I have not been waitlisted or heard anything back from any of them). This is a weird cycle because things are moving very slowly. Just because the waitlist started doesn't mean that the class is filled up.. I am sure a ton of people are waiting to hear back from a couple schools like I am. As soon as these schools send out more acceptances, I am sure that spots will open up!
  6. Hey everyone! I'm so happy to post here, I got into UOttawa Jd program at 5pm tonight. I checked the UOzone first with a status of admitted and then received an email shortly afterwards. My Stats are: Regular Applicant UofT grad CGPA 3.55 Last 2: 3.8ish LSAT score: 159 (highest) Lots of extra curricular involving working with homeless youth and minorities, Toronto charities, president of 2 clubs at UofT Will be provisionally accepting! Waiting to hear back from Western, Queens and Osgoode Good luck to those waiting
  7. Waitlisted today as well. Does anyone know if the date you were waitlisted matters? For example, if someone was waitlisted at the beginning of march compared to the end of march, the person in the beginning of march is more likely to get in?
  8. Has anyone been accepted under the access category yet? Do these acceptances usually go out later in the cycle? I applied under access for working full time during my undergrad, my CGPA is 3.55, l2/best2 3.82, LSAT 158
  9. Has anyone been accepted under the access category yet? Do these acceptances usually go out later in the cycle? I applied under access for working full time during my undergrad, my CGPA is 3.55, l2/best2 3.82, LSAT 158
  10. I'm facing a similar issue of Dal vs an Ontario School. Even though Dal is farther, it doesn't mean that you won't get a job in Toronto. Job hiring rates are higher from Dal especially if you want to work in a medium-large firm. I know many people attending/have attended Windsor and haven't received a job in Ontario. Based on job prospects I would pick Dal!
  11. Hi everyone! I have a couple questions about Lakehead Law. How many courses do first year students have to take? I heard that lakehead students have to take 6 courses a term. Is this hard to juggle? do we take 6 courses throughout law school? What are some elective courses that students can choose to take in 2nd and 3rd year? is there any on family law Regarding placements, are there a set amount of placements offered by the school or do the students have to look for them themselves? How many of the placements are in Southern Ontario?
  12. For those accepted, when is the acceptance due by? Mine says June 1st
  13. Thanks everyone! This is super helpful information. I am very thankful for this website I see your point about living on residence. Just out of curiosity though, are there apartments farther away from the campus with these facilities? Could anyone list any recommendations? I know it gets cold in thunder bay so I want an apartment with these facilities so I don't have to trek all the way to campus. I tried searching online but most of the listings I found were either basement apartments or 3 bedroom. Thanks again!!
  14. I also have a couple questions for any current/past students. 1) I am looking for either a studio or 1 bedroom apartment for roughly around $1500. Is there any in the area with faculties such as a gym around the law school? 2) are law students allowed to stay on residence? 3) What are the evaluation methods of the classes, is it mostly essays or tests?
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