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  1. ive accepted mine in Ottawa but I wasn't offered anything. It is annoying though, when I called they told me they were full-up and that they needed some movement before continuing. That was a week ago. And now you read that there may be offer(s) going out, where it would be hard pressed to see people leaving so late. It's a very frustrating process. Queens definitely could have risk managed this better and extended a couple offers over prior to late August. But to them what does it matter as there are plenty of potential students, but for me I did hold out as long as I could for Queens and was never given an ounce of encouragement even though I knew I was basically next to be offered a spot.
  2. Hello all, I am transferring into uOttawa 2L from another law school. I am wondering how the OCI process works at your school? I know there is a system called The Source however I cant get my login info for another week because the individual responsible is away this week. Did you guys get a booklet with all the OCI info and contact names? Is all the relevant information on The Source? Just some info would be nice. Thanks,
  3. I got into Windsor with a 2.99 and LSAT of 159. I was a mature applicant. I would always apply to CDN law schools based on the research I've seen. Personally however my cousin just finished her LLB from Liecester and has a job in Vancouver. She left in Sept of 2017 and is done. I applied in Sept of 2017 and am just finishing first year. So I definitely have moments of "what if"
  4. anyone ever transfer from one school to the other? What were the stark differences?
  5. has anyone heard anything since July 26th?
  6. got rejected yesterday around 4 PM. It was sitting in review. I know a girl from Windsor who got accepted in early July. Odds aren't looking good if you're still waiting but I have been told they will do a waitlist. So you never know.
  7. Hello LS! I am considering accepting my transfer application into Ottawa Common Law going into my 2L. I am wondering if there are others who are doing it? For people that have already done it can you give insight into a couple things: 1) with such a big group of students how difficult is it to make friends? join study groups? Context: I have heard uOttawa is very cliquey and its difficult to meet and establish friendships with people generally; especially if you are transferring. 2) I am transferring from a leftist-leaning school which I know uOttawa is as well. For corporate law are there success stories from OCI's? Is there an active group for business law? Context: I am a business graduate and work as an accountant and would like to combine them in my future career endeavours. 3) For all the negative things that have been said about uOttawa here is there a sense of school spirit? I don't know many people in this city but do want to work closer to SCC and eventually work in PPSC. I do want to enjoy my time here as well and have heard poor things about the energy around the school. Everyone shitting on it etc... I am wondering if that is just negative comments from people who couldn't get in/or are transferring? Or if it is accurate? If anyone is also transferring feel free to PM me! Always looking to learn more. Thanks
  8. Hey everyone, I am a male mature student starting the single JD this September and am looking to see if anyone is looking for a roomate on a two bedroom? I am looking at some single's but it would a lot cheaper in the long run. Thanks
  9. Anyone looking for a roomate? I am a mature student from Ottawa and will be starting this September.
  10. Just got rejected. Stats are terrible but for the others here 3.0 159 CPA designation mature student with 10 years experience in audit working for the federal government with pretty good EC’s. Did everyone get a letter for their rejection from the assistant dean as well?
  11. Yeah I know. I'm in the boat of working while I was a student and want to know if I should include specifics regarding that? I'm 30 but I did have a lot of meaningless jobs ala call center, clerical, etc... that were part-time but were substantial hours during my undergrad.
  12. Hey everyone, I am applying this coming deadline for the mature category in a couple schools. I am preparing my resume but am not sure what the length limit is for each school as it is not listed. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? I am currently having a hard time fitting it into 2 pages would love to have 3 but is that too much? or would that be an acceptable submission. Thanks,
  13. I'm in a similar boat. Been out of school for 7 years and went and got my accounting designation and have been working in audit for the entire time. I have strong candidates for my letters and am applying this coming deadline for the 2018 year. MY cGPA is 2.99 when I complete the conversion on OLSAS but i my cGPA on my official transcript in a direct conversion should be higher. Anyway I am wondering if any other mature students with a cGPA of 3 or lower have been accepted for 2017 or before and what were the other stats? LSAT and schools? Just so people like myself can gain an understanding of what schools we may be competitive in. Thanks to anyone who posts!
  14. Thanks so much for the response man! Best of luck and I'll keep you in my PM rolodex haha one last question, are the universities you mentioned above the ones favourable for us splitters? Or are those just your desirable locations? I know LSAC site has a calculator where you can put in your scores/grades and it pumps out schools recommended to you but other than that and calling specific schools (of which there arent a lot i know) is there another avenue to find out which schools are GPA heavy vs. LSAT heavy? also do you mind if I ask you some further quesitons via PM?
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