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  1. DOJ lets you know pretty quickly after the LSO period ends.
  2. One thing of note from people I know is that if your school didn't have OCI's from a firm you are interested in they may not send ITC emails and just contact you on call day. So have hope people!
  3. http://ultravires.ca/2017/11/summer-2018-recruitment-hiring-trust-not/ These are the hiring numbers from the OCI process in Toronto. As you can see there are a handful of people from UK law schools who were hired for second year summer positions. This is shown on page 7. Do these people have exceptional grades? amazing networking skills and abilities? parents who are employed or connected to these firms? who knows to any of those. Perhaps emailing them by going to the firms page may be more beneficial for you. Most firms have a page showing the student's names and you have a list of firms right there who you can email. It's rare but doable. You can be one of the doers. Just need to roll up your sleeves and get going. On top of these jobs there are countless smaller boutique firms apparently. But they don't have stats on those.
  4. Went to Windsor last year but transferred out for non-school related reasons. It's a small school which has pros and cons. If you fit in its great if you don't the pool of people is so small that you will have a harder time. I've seen plenty of classmates procure top firm OCI's in both single and dual programs. The profs there are frequently cited and authors of the books. It may be "last resort" but it still has a good standing overall. Most people are from Toronto, if you are from Toronto odds are you'll bond over something or somewhere which I witnessed quite a bit. It's heavily skewed towards SJ. Heavy groupthink mentality in terms of what is correct/incorrect. Personally I felt that this aspect impacted learning but for others they felt it did not. I believe a quick internal inspection on yourself will allow you to see which category you'd fit into. The city is slower than a bigger city which helps students IMO. Plus the school does a lot of legwork for you (for example events are clearly laid out, networking events are not difficult to find out about, deadlines are clear, scholarshiops/grants are more easily applied to) Overall, I would say that my time there was good and bad. I'm grateful I got to experience it and am grateful that I also got to leave when I did. If you're wondering what the "typical" student at Windsor looks like its: a heavily social and involved (in clubs/social events) individual with views aligning with social justice, in particular womens and indigenous issues.
  5. Ottawa I have 5 test booklets from LSAC and all three bibles from Powerscore. Plus I have the LSAT prep book. No writing in them or highlighting. $80
  6. Been told that Gowlings have gone out, can't confirm it though.
  7. The most interesting question I have is how many people are actually given firm offers? How many candidates are usually chosen for in firms? and do they start cutting right after?
  8. did your friends have OCI's from KPMG or are they in a non-OCI KPMG school?
  9. I'm a little green to this whole thing. What time do the calls end? like for example if you don't hear by noon PST are you essentially out of the running or is it right away? If anyone has gone through this and can shed some light it would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Has anyone gotten any updates during call day? specifically Doj?
  11. Yeah since transferring I'm finding that summarries are much harder to come by and people are not as willing to share them. Maybe it'll change as time goes on but for now that's my impression. I'm just going to be going around and asking people in the class
  12. is your school doing OCI's for KPMG or are they just calling you?
  13. agreed. is there a warehouse of these or something? I can't find any resource area in uOttawa was considering just posting in the facebook group
  14. ive accepted mine in Ottawa but I wasn't offered anything. It is annoying though, when I called they told me they were full-up and that they needed some movement before continuing. That was a week ago. And now you read that there may be offer(s) going out, where it would be hard pressed to see people leaving so late. It's a very frustrating process. Queens definitely could have risk managed this better and extended a couple offers over prior to late August. But to them what does it matter as there are plenty of potential students, but for me I did hold out as long as I could for Queens and was never given an ounce of encouragement even though I knew I was basically next to be offered a spot.
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