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  1. Dreamer89

    Getting Married in Law School

    Alot of people do this, and it seems to have wide spread acceptance regardless of what political circle you may run within. (Progressive or Conservative) But do what is right for you. It sounds like you have a really understanding and supporting partner. Do your best to keep your relationship healthy over the next couple years (it can be a challenge). Best of luck, Lol, don't do this ....
  2. Dreamer89

    Doing the LSAT 3 times

    I wrote 3 times also.
  3. Dreamer89

    Undergrad Difficulty Taken into Account?

    Good point. I hadn't really thought of it that way, I guess my conclusion sort of is from my own experiences, isn't it. Well said, I am going to go sit in my living room, drink some tea and reflect on what you've told me.
  4. Dreamer89

    Would BigLaw firms care if...

    Take the high road. Your reputation is at stake as much as the person within the photographs. And I'd go so far to say if this is an attempt to "get back at someone"..... it may in fact reflect even more poorly on you than your peer's lack of discretion.
  5. Dreamer89

    Undergrad Difficulty Taken into Account?

    I frankly second this. From personal experiences, while they may lack the same writing ability. Overall I find STEM students significantly stronger on average than students with Arts backgrounds.
  6. Dreamer89

    Unsure of Chances..Need Advice

    Np. Just remember ... its not where you start that matters - it is where you finish. You have a good ten years to fiddle and figure your passion out, future career, relationships, etc..... before the life cycle "gets yea"
  7. Dreamer89

    Unsure of Chances..Need Advice

    You can't score if you never shoot budd. It is probably just nerves and fatigue, but you can't let fear dictate rising to a challenge. 155-159 can get you into some great schools depending on the rest of your application. When I wrote at the end of my undergrad... I too "got smoked," and I get it - it's super discouraging. I opted to "give up" and work for a few years before deciding to give it another go. All I am getting at is... no one can tell you what to do. But if you don't try you will definitely not succeed. And if by chance you try and fail. Don't worry maybe you just need to take some time to grow, work and get life experience. It did wonders for me, as when I did eventually re-write, my scores jumped 20 percentiles.... Also don't pressure yourself over "having" to attend Law School directly from your undergrad. From my experiences some of the weakest students are whose whom don't have real work experience. Had I gone to Law School directly out on my undergrad, I would have undoubtedly have been at the bottom of my year and would have left school with terrible employment prospects, which would effect the rest of my career. Instead I was lucky, I was precluded from getting in early. Went back when I was older and wiser, performed adequately well enough to get into my favorite school. Finished on the Dean's list and got an opportunity to work at an international firm for next summer. Remember life isn't always a linear process. Best of luck,
  8. Dreamer89

    Automation Questions

    I'll take a swing at this...... I personally expect to be replaced by a shouting vending machine that just shoots out Court judgement or sees Tort liability everywhere by the time I graduate. Having been in a law office once or twice, I am not convinced some lawyers haven't already been replaced by robots. The long hours seem..... unsustainable by normal standards of human life. I dunno... .Wolf of Wallstreet made all of that look pretty "Lit" Given how far the phone has come in the last couple decades... from "flip-phones" to "Tinder" ... who knows where the Calculator could go....? Lol..... but this is a better answer
  9. For what it's worth.... I did't have a particularly dashing record applying to Law school. In fact I had some out right.... really unattractive qualities given what I had to submit similar to what you're likely dealing with. They gave me a chance in spite of it, and you have to hope they'll do that same for you. The people on these committees aren't idiots, if you use your personal statement properly and convey the right themes while explaining certain aspects of your background... .you have nothing to fear. Just don't fixate on your "mistakes." People make mistakes, hopefully learn, then grow and the committees recognize this. You've likely changed since that time, you just need to demonstrate it in the rest of your application And to echo the reiterated theme..... no you can't lie. Be warned, you're applying to a professional field with extremely stringent professional obligations and liabilities, don't let yourself default to thinking that way.
  10. Don't over think it. Give it a shot, you have .... very little to lose. (If you get a bad score it may hurt you with any schools that average the LSAT but - I don't think there are many that do that still). Best of Luck, and for what it's worth.... the LSAT is a useless test, it really has no bearing on your ability to succeed within Law School.
  11. Dreamer89

    Prospects at a Big Firm/Bay St after OCIs/In-Firms

    Don't be alarmed. Everyone here is just trying to make sure you're making an informed decision. There are different opportunities in law for people looking for different things. You just need to take some time to make sure you know what is important to you. Family? Location? Lifestyle? Career Goals? Content Interests? If you rush these decisions or ... worse, are not honest with yourself... you're going to have have a miserable career. This is not meant to be disparaging or cruel - it is meant to be constructive. And don't be concerned if the answers don't come immediately. Life isn't always a linear process.
  12. Dreamer89

    Re-writing in January - tips?

    Practice Practice Practice. And if you're being smart about it - do it under test conditions. Get use to operating under stress, that is one of the few things that actually does carry over from the LSAT.
  13. Dreamer89

    School Names in Personal Statements

    Lol.... I think you're over thinking your application. Focus more on the substance and themes you're trying to convey oppose to what is the functional equivalent of a "Mike vs Michael" preference.....
  14. There are no undergraduate requirements (aside from generally ... having an undergraduate degree), and frankly law is better suited by having a greater diversity of backgrounds - there are too many students as it is with specific undergraduates degrees. There are however some undergraduates that will give you a head start on some specific aspects of law school. But it is not worth choosing your undergraduate program off these aspects. (so I will refrain from highlighting them so as to not taint you). Secondly, you're ..... way too far out to be overly worried about Law school. Not to be cynical but you don't even know if you're going to be in a realistic position to apply. Worry about: Getting good grades in high school to get into a good university (where you can pursue material you're genuinely interested in + one you can succeed in). Getting good grades in your future undergraduate. Thirdly, what you can start developing though is your reading skills - regardless of where you go this will serve you well in university (and law school should you be so fortunate). Lastly, as you get closer to actually being in a position to apply to law school this will likely become more apparent but...... don't fixate yourself with attending a specific law school. And just to throw some facts at you if you're misinformed. Just because you're a lawyer doesn't mean you're going to make crazy money..... there are plenty of bad lawyers (and good ones in practices that have limited financial value) whom make little money. The career is not a license to have money thrown at you. A career in law is stressful, demanding and challenging You'll be competing with some of the best and brightest for the top career opportunities. The career is not a 9am-5pm job. This career will consume your life, and you have to be genuinely passionate about the work if you don't want to burn out or alternatively if you wish to reach your career potential. Good luck,
  15. Dreamer89

    Workload in UK

    I don't really understand what you're trying to get at..... but you're comparing apples and oranges. Rightly or Wrongly.... there is a reason why Canadians with UK law educations are stigmatized. I wouldn't concern myself with "how much free time" they have... those people are investing in an education and they'll get what they pay for, just like you will. That being said be thankful you were able to get into a Canadian Law School.