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  1. Just wanted to update this thread to expect large firms to offer $42,000 plus benefits for 2020 Articling.
  2. I can't speak to whether the LLM in tax would help bridge the gap or not. However I would recommend you look at applying to places like the big 4 - EY, KPMG, Deloitte, and PWC - they have been building law firms within their organization and do not have nearly as formal of a recruit as Bay Street firms. To get in contact/network with people from there and other firms participate in Canadian Tax Foundation (CTF) events. Good luck!
  3. I believe I heard back in mid-June when I was moving in late August last year.
  4. 1. Save your money if your plan is cheaper. 2/3. Dress completely varies as above people have said. There won't be any judgement based on the brands you wear. Try to think of people as potential colleagues that you may know throughout your career. I would say a better investment is a decent suit rather than a "Canada Goose" jacket etc. There are plenty of extra-curricular events (moots, firm tours, etc) which you will wear a suit. Nobody is going to notice if you are wearing X jacket but people who know suits (ie lawyers you interact with) will know the difference between a "high school grad" suit and a work suit.
  5. Jumping from references to resume. What do you deem to be too long of a resume? I have worked for 7+ companies, not including volunteering. Would you rather see a more succinct resume or a longer detailed resume? What I'm picking up from you is basically "give me everything useful or you are wasting my time". Problem is I don't know what you deem useful.
  6. All you have to do to get prime instead of prime + .5% at Scotia is ask/tell them TD will give you prime.
  7. First, everyone has a different starting point. I studied for 3 months more like 4-6 hours a day. Was only working part time. Take December exam considered February but didn't and I am going to Osgoode. I got more intense the closer I got. Went through the Powerscore books, and numerous practice tests but definitely not 50. Probably more like 25. Research your school you want to attend. 1. Do they take highest LSAT score, average, or not care (McGill)? Why? Highest LSAT taken then take it December and February worst thing is you lose some $ but you get two chances and one to get over the nerves. 2. What is the schools 75 and 25 percentile for applicants? Why? Safe schools are schools with medians below your scores. Reaching schools are higher. 3. What do they weight GPA vs LSAT? 25/75, 50/50, 75/25 Why? Do you need to retake a really bad grade and boost the GPA is it worth it to take one class? 4. Is it a holistic process? Mature applicants, personal statements, etc. Or straight calculation like U of M? Why? Maybe you like schools that appear to be more holistic in their admissions process.
  8. I'm generally a "repuation gets you in the door" kinda guy but maybe not how you think it does. I'm from Manitoba and moving to Toronto for law school because I want to practice law in Toronto. To me a law degree is not the only thing you should graduate law school with. Within those 3 years you should cultivate connections within your area. That way once you graduate you can use those connections. Now if you go to school nowhere near where you want to practice regardless of better/worse education, and prestige you will not be able to make connections the easier way. On campus interviews, numerous functions where you meet lawyers from AROUND THE AREA these sorts of things help you make connections. As bob said, they may fear you are not committed compared to those who are living in their area. Moncton is taught in French I believe so if you need that and you can not make it into McGill I do not know what other schools in Canada are taught in French.
  9. Yea I did my undergrad in Winnipeg in a small major and only did a 3 year B.A. but made it into Osgoode (not waitlisted). Just get a good GPA/ LSAT. I think law schools care about the numbers first and the specifics if you are on the fence.
  10. You need to time it 35 min per section then like 5-10 seconds start next section. Anytime time I was studying I would either do timed sections or timed full tests. The main part I learned from was going back over every single questions right/wrong and seeing why the other choices are wrong. It teachs you in the books (I'm pretty sure all the brands are similar but I used Powerscore) common traps. Eventually it was to the point I would read halfway through I question and expect what the answer and traps were. I was practice testing at 170~ consistantly but flubbed (relative to my practice) my test and got a 160 my test but that was all I really wanted (fantastic gpa saves the day). Most do worse on test day not better. So if you want 163 then I'd recommend be consistently hitting 168+ on timed practices. Untimed I'd say you should be able to get 175+. The more you understand the faster you will be. Also, learning to diagram logic games is essential. Whenever I had a good diagram I would only miss 1 or 2 questions. Now I suppose you have 7 weeks. 9 really isn't much time. Most improvements can be made on logic games and logical reasoning sections. Reading comp requires pacing and focus (not having to go back to the info). How much you can improve depends on where you are losing points.
  11. Is the pool like a competitive training pool for the university? (25/50m pool) I was a competitive swimmer for a number of years. Do we have full access because that would be fantastic for me!
  12. And you are looking at 8/10 hours being billable on average? Just curious how much maybe extra you had to work for a billable hour from articling to associate.
  13. Do you or know anybody who worked through law school part time?
  14. Yup I was under the impression you currently applied and are waiting. Doesn't hurt to rewrite in June most people tend to do best on that one?
  15. I'd call just because it wouldn't hurt. Best case scenario you allowed to submit maybe without the "equal consideration" (which I believe means if they have spots when they happen to look at your app after all the others you will be considered?). Worst case is that school won't let you apply. I see no downside to asking every possibility.
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