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  1. Does anyone know if for instance 70% would be enough to pass? Were there higher cut off scores before (based on the reports sent to failed exam takers)?
  2. would anyone care to send me sample practice exams? I can send my email via pm
  3. seriously? consistently less than 5? materials seem to have huge tax coverage
  4. around how many tax related questions come up during the exam (not just corporate taxation, all tax related)?
  5. you guys think it is more people that failed this time or more people coming out and being open about it? I don't want to give false hopes but there was one time there was a mistake in the results announcements
  6. I have failed my first attempt as well. I have never seen a thread before with so many people failing
  7. totally agree with you, I think there is no comparison
  8. Pass rate for graduates of Canadian law schools is so high, I wouldn't worry much if you are in that category. As for NCA applicants, however the pass rate is around 50%, highly troubling and stressful.
  9. can you give more details on your performance on the barristers exam? did you have time management problems as well?
  10. does anyone know if there is a specific day or hour society announces the results?
  11. how was your experience with the exam, if you don't mind me asking? could you finish on time? how did it go overall? (especially curious about barrister's)
  12. is next week the deadline for registration?
  13. anyone who had a different experience? who has found the exam quite easy, or had no timing issues? reading fellow exam takers' experiences helps to get over the anxiety
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