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  1. Windsor was the only school I applied to and I had a GPA substantially lower than yours. While I can in no way confirm this, I think that Windsor appreciated my decision to only apply there. I think it makes your stated interest in the school come across as more sincere. I think you definitely have healthy stats. Best of luck, hope to see you in the fall. 

  2. This is up to you. I had a GPA lower than yours (currently a 2L student). I took the time to explain it in a way that demonstrated the positive strides I had made to try to improve my GPA. My first two years of undergrad were substantially lower than my latter two. Windsor really does look at everything that you submit, so if you can provide a sincere answer as to why your grades were lacking (if you choose to do so) then it's my impression that they will take that into consideration. Best of luck!

  3. Okay thanks! Hm question, not sure if you'd be able to answer it since you've now been accepted but under "Documents and Tests" on your guy's uwindsor portal, if you click "View documents", where it shows your HS and University, does it say anything under "Transcript Received"?



    Mine does not say anything and I have been added to the waitlist, so I assume they must have reviewed it. 

  4. Hi!! I actually contacted windsor admissions regarding this, and they said the first movement from the waitlist will likely happen in the first two weeks of April. Hope this helps :) You can also inquire what your position is on the waitlist to get a better idea of where you stand.

    Yeah I called yesterday as well and they also said that they wouldn't give out any information regarding placements on the waitlist. She also said that because it is updated daily your position could change at any time. 

  5. For these recent waves of waitlist: when were you guys referred? I've been referred since the week of mid-Feb I guess (didn't check as regularly back then) and have yet to be rejected/waitlisted/accepted...completely static.

    I was referred since January then waitlised late Feb. 

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