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  1. Should we buy textbooks ASAP or wait until we have our first classes? Thanks in advance
  2. Just declined my offer - really hoping it goes to someone here! Good luck!
  3. Thank you so much for all of your feedback everyone, I decided to choose Windsor! I really appreciate the time you put into your responses, they were so helpful
  4. Just wanted to post quickly here to get some outside opinions before I make a decision... I was accepted to TRU at the end of May, assuming it would be the only school I got into. Two days ago I got into Windsor Single JD and that is complicating my decision. I am from Toronto and hope to practice in Toronto upon completing law school. I am very outdoorsy and was very excited to be moving to Kamloops for 3 years, Windsor is not very appealing to me in that respect. I also know that TRU places a stronger emphasis on Indigenous legal perspectives which is another big draw for me. I already leased an apartment and am unsure how difficult it will be to sublet it to another person before September. I know everyone on this forum says go to school in the province you want to practice, but at the end of the day I think it is the student that secures the job, not the school they go to. I know TRU students from Toronto who are now articling at Toronto firms, they just had to put in a bit more work networking-wise to establish themselves in the Toronto legal community. Thanks in advance
  5. Accepted off the wait list just now! Check previous posts for stats I was rejected off the Windsor wait list last year so this feels pretty nice! Will 99.999999% be declining so I hope the seat goes to someone here - good luck with the wait everyone!
  6. Where in Kamloops is a good place to buy furniture? Thanks!
  7. Deadline was June 15th good luck!
  8. Hi friends, Does Orientation Week start on September 4th or is that the first day of classes? Thanks
  9. IN OFF THE WAITLIST TODAY!!!! Received end of May/early June email and was told I was #5 on the waitlist. Will be accepting !!!!! This has been my dream for five years and I am so happy and grateful to be given this chance. Don’t give up my friends. See you all in September!!
  10. Thanks for your input ! Good luck and congrats on your acceptances so far
  11. cGPA 3.17, L2 3.7, LSAT 154, Masters degree Really good ECs and LORs imo
  12. I am #5 on the waitlist and haven’t heard anything, was told I would hear back end of May/beginning of June. How do you know 20 of them are leaders? Also, I was lurking the 2017 accepted thread and it looks like they make offers to people on the waitlist in waves. Fingers crossed y’all.
  13. Waitlisted today. cGPA 3.17, L2/B2 3.7, LSAT 154 Masters degree Also waitlisted at Windsor and TRU ugh.
  14. When did your waitlist email say you would hear back?
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