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  1. In today CGPA: 3.82 L2:3.95/4.0 LSAT: 151, 157 Good ECs and LORs. Was referred to the admissions committee sometime last week I think? So, roughly 5~7 business day turn around for those who are curious.
  2. Accepted back on January the 17th. LSAT: 151, 157 GPA with drops probably around a 4.1/4.3? Never did the conversion. Declined my offer so another seat has just opened up. Best of luck!
  3. I don't know exactly, I overloaded with courses heavily in my last two years. So, if you average all the courses I took I believe it would be a 3.95/4.0
  4. In as of today. CGPA: 3.82 LSAT: 151, 157 Solid EC's and LOR
  5. I was notified by email as well with the package coming in the mail. I also received an email on the 1st of February notifying me that my application was under review.
  6. In as of today! LSAT:151, 157 OLSAS cGPA: 3.82 I believe Dal uses the L2 if it is greater than the cGPA so I would guess that my L2 is closer to a 4.1/4.3 Non-maritime
  7. Sure. EC's: Dual sport varsity athlete, volunteer of the year for an organization at my school, numerous volunteer activities through sports (high school visits, camps, etc.), coach for youth teams, worked while at undergrad (20 hours a week?), tutor and TA, case competitions, hold an honours degree. LORs: I have not read them myself but, I am sure they were very good. Both from professors with phd's who I know quite well. One was my honours supervisor, the other was a professor who also ran the volunteer organization that I was heavily involved with. Seems to me that Osgoode is quite holistic, I did not expect to hear back so soon!
  8. Accepted on the 3rd of February. LSAT:151, 157 OLSAS cGPA: 3.82
  9. Accepted on February 3rd. LSAT: 151, 157 OLSAS cGPA:3.82 Went into queue on the 18th of January.
  10. Accepted on the 13th of January. LSAT: 151, 157 CGPA: 3.88/4.0 Did not try to convert it to the Manitoba scale. However, with drops I would have to guess that it would be close to a 4.3/4.5??? Will likely be declining the offer so, another spot should open up soon!
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