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  1. Thanks! Do you know if BLG is done calling as well?
  2. Anyone heard from Stikeman? They said they would call Thursday night
  3. Nope and they said they would call this morning It kinda sucks.... i had a great feeling after my interview
  4. Best of luck to everyone for this coming week. May the odds be ever in your favour
  5. I'm also waiting for Langlois and Miller!!
  6. They called yesterday to say that a link would be sent to the candidates today at noon so they can choose their time slot on a first come and first serve basis. Maybe they will do a second round?
  7. Have any of your heard from Norton Rose, Miller Thomson, Fasken, McCarthy and BLG?
  8. They called to say they will send an email with more information about the interviews
  9. Has anyone received the email from Stikeman yet?
  10. Clyde & Co and Dentons are still calling today
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