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  1. Anyone who in-firmed at Gowlings receive an invite back for the second round of in-firms?
  2. Anyone receive Gowlings in-firm?
  3. Also, anyone get government calls? OLG/Ministry of Labour?
  4. anyone hear from McCague Borlack/Kim Spencer McPhee/ Brauti Thorning
  5. Anyone at Osgoode hear from Koskie Minsky or Gardiner Roberts?
  6. Hi Guys, I wanted to know if it was possible to switch sections at all. I have a personal reason for which i would need to switch and i was just wondering if anyone has switched in the past or if anyone knows the process. If i find another student to switch with, do you think it would increase my chances to switch?
  7. same thing happened to me. I applied for the regular JD program. Best of Luck.
  8. A couple weeks ago. Was surprised to get the email as i was waiting for my Feb lsat marks.
  9. Got the email today! Super Excited! cGPA: 3.63 L2: 3.63 LSAT: 156 Filled out Part B of the App. Strong EC's and LOR's.
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