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  1. 3rdGenLawStudent

    Which schools have their own site?

    You still need to send you acceptances through OLSAS. Schools will post their decisions to their websites, and then OLSAS usually reflects that 2-3 days later. But accepting/ declining those offers is done via OLSAS< unless it changed this year.
  2. 3rdGenLawStudent

    To include or not to include on OLSAS Sketch?

    I say include. You won't be the only person working for a family-owned business, so the verifier won't look suspicious, as long as you include in your description that it was indeed a family business. Any name for the photography will do; as you undoubtably gleaned, they are rarely if ever called, it's just a matter of indicating you have proof you did the work.
  3. 3rdGenLawStudent

    Help - Application Mistake

    Schools are not going to comb through your sketch with a eye for that kind of detail. They’ll see you did a culinary program and think ‘cool’. They’re not going to be concerned with a four month gap, and likely will never notice it because other than calling your verifier they’d have no way of checking dates. If you email schools, you draw their eye to a minor error and give an impression you have poor attention to detail. Say nothing and no one will notice.
  4. 3rdGenLawStudent

    OLSAS - Transcripts help.

    The thing you’re forgetting is, if you’re still in undergrad, you’ll have to send future transcripts. So the options exist to accommodate that. But your first order should be IMMEDIATELY so they assess your current grades. Then you can go back and order another transcript in January where your Fall grades are out, then maybe again in the spring if they need proof of convocation.
  5. 3rdGenLawStudent

    Chances? CGPA: 3.28, B2: 3.52

    Your stats are too weak to be competitive. Your extracurricular are great, but they’re not unusual for an applicant, and anyways extracurriculars never compensate for marks wildly below the cutoff. Your need to to get the LSAT to a 160+, and your GPA is not good. I know you said you’ve got reasons for your third year flub, but what’s your 4th year like? I ask because Queens is a L2 school, so they look at your L2 over your GPA, ideally looking for improvement or consistency. Yours goes down, so unless your 4th year is a huge improvement, showing you can produce the results with the health thing dealt with, you won’t be a strong candidate.
  6. 3rdGenLawStudent

    Sketch Questions

    That’s what I did for my summer job- 1 entry that showed 3 years of employment, and then I noted in the description that I worked summers.
  7. 3rdGenLawStudent


    You’ve seen (I assume) the posted stats on the website. Candidates below 157 LSAT are not competitive in the general category, and you by no means have a high enough L2 to balance this out. Re write the LSAT, and consider what changes you can make to your study habits to actually do better. Not just study longer, that can only help to a point. I’m talking tutors or classes or something else concrete to bring improvement.
  8. 3rdGenLawStudent

    U of T Chances: 3.84 B3, 168, Weak softs.

    I understand that UofT doesn't put as much weight on extracurriculars - their website pretty explicitly states the LSAT, B3, and personal statement are the three things it looks at, and they're all weighted evenly. Your LSAT and GPA are there. Write a strong PS and you should be fine. Somewhat conveniently, UofT is the only Ontario school I know of that has sample PS that you can look at online. Use this tp guide you.
  9. 3rdGenLawStudent

    Academic Reference Letter Advice

    I can only give general advice, based on what I've been told are generally best practice for reference letters to grad/ law school. I've never written one, nor have I seen any law reference letter. 1. 1.5 pages is too long. A letter should be a page max. 2. Your best case scenario is to have a prof that knows you write the letter. You have that, great. But then you also want to use that knowledge, so that your letter will say more than just 'they'll be great at law because I gave them an A', you want them to say something more personal. Think of what qualities you yourself will highlight in your personal statements. Are you resourceful? Take initiative? Detail oriented? Highly engaged in class? Very hard working? Ask the prof to speak to those things as well. I included lines in my request for references (personalized to each reference, that went along these line 'I was hoping you could speak to my academic ability, as well as my attitude in the classroom, involvement, and professionalism'. Give the prof a copy of your transcript and CV so they can get a sense of what else you've done. They'll be much better able to write a personalized letter, and you'll have a letter that attests to the qualities you want to highlight.
  10. 3rdGenLawStudent

    chances -- cGPA 3.43 L2 3.8 B2 3.8 LSAT 150 (highest)

    Your B2/L2 will be fine for schools who focus on that over cGPA. But as you've been told, your LSAT is not competitive. Now's when you'll have to assess how you'll fix that. You mention 150 is your highest, which tells me you've had multiple writes. If you apply to law school with many writes, with minimal difference between, that reflects that you cannot assess where you went wrong. You need to examine your study strategy, and maybe consider investing more in test prep (tutors, classes, etc.) before the November test, to show real improvement. Only then will you have a realistic chance if you apply to L2 schools.
  11. A full course load is whatever qualifies you as a full-time, rather than a part-time, student. Ideally 5 courses per semester, since that's what you'll do in 1L, so your performance in a 5-course load semester in undergrad should indicate how well you handle that load. But a semester here or there with 4 shouldn't hurt you. Queen's will look at the last 2 fully available years. So, if you apply when you're in your 4th year of undergrad, they'll take your 2nd and 3rd years as your L2. I believe once you send your Fall grades, they will look at those, butI don't think they recalculate L2. If you still don't have a decision by the time you get your winter grades, then I assume that you'll send them, but I'm not sure if Queens recalculates L2 or just looks at the grades to determine if you went up/down/stayed consistent.
  12. 3rdGenLawStudent

    GPA/LSAT Discrepancy

    these are amazing stats. You have a near- perfect GPA, and an LSAT that is on par with the median of what many schools accept. People generally say that a 160+ lsat with good grades will get you admitted. You have a 160 with exceptional grades. You should be fine. If you re-write and score 5 points higher on the LSAT, you’re probably in scholarship territory.
  13. 3rdGenLawStudent

    Ask a 1L!

    I just finished 1L. Many, many of my classmates are from Toronto (or Toronto- area). Some went home every/ most weekends. They were less involved in student life, or else we’re not super on top of class work. Some went home for holidays/ if a special event came up. Some avoided home like the plague. There are lots of Kingston-Toronto transit options, so that won’t be an issue. Basically, go home as much as you want/ as much as your schedule allows
  14. 3rdGenLawStudent

    Ask a 1L!

    If I remember correctly, i think that’s what most guys wore last year. I believe the event is billed as semi formal, so I think you could get away with no jacket, but at least a shirt and tie.
  15. 3rdGenLawStudent

    Ask a 1L!

    These are placeholders left open during everyone's timeline. There won't always be something in that slot, but if the Career Services Office (CSO) is running a session, or the Dean's office is talking about courses/ exam study techniques, then they'll schedule them during these slots because they know everyone is free. These are all voluntary attendance events, and won't occur all the time.