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  1. No idea - I’m on for next month, I deferred from this month. Let us know when you get it, that would be very helpful to know!
  2. Maybe April 1st is still the filing date for June call; for call dates earlier than June (so February though April) the few weeks rule applies. I’m being called in that time frame so I didn’t ask about June rules
  3. Yes, trial and error is inevitable. That’s actually why I love the QL full year 1L format- gives you a chance to try things first term, when exams are midterms and worth very little, so that you can course correct for second term when the marks matter!
  4. Graduated QL in 2030. At that time there were 3 profs who had laptop bans. So looks like Honks got those ones. OP, I also hand wrote notes and found that to be very manageable. Queens has full year courses for the most part so I felt the pacing of the material to be quite feasible to keep up with even when handwriting. I did not have the experience of another poster that law school moves too fast to get distracted online. Basically as long as the temptation of the internet was there, I was browsing. So I had to remove that. That said, when it came time to make outlines, it took longer, because I wasn’t able to cut and paste from my class notes. After first term, I switched to taking reading notes on my computer, then printing and doing handwritten in class. Best of both worlds.
  5. So re: call to the Bar here’s what I know. I’ve spent lots of time on the phone with licensing to sort this out. At the start of articling you had to file paperwork with the LSO indicating whether you were doing an 8 or 10 month term. Based on that the LSO has calculated your articling end date, at which time you will be eligible to be called. So if you started an 8 month term in August you’d likely be eligible for call on the April date (more on that below). If you started a 10 month term in august, you have to wait for June (or maybe May- see next paragraph). Due to COVID the frequency of call has changed. There is now a call every month. So far they have been scheduled through to April. No word on when June dates will be set, or if there will be a May date. You will receive a message to your online account with paperwork to complete a couple weeks before the end of your articling term. The first form will indicate what date you are currently scheduled to be called, and give you the option to select a later date (a deferral). For example if you were set to be eligible to be called on the January date, the form would give you the option to choose the Feb, March or April date. You effectively chose a call date by either filing the deferral form or doing nothing, in which case they assume you’re fine with the date they give you. You then must submit the Certificate of Articles, Experience Plan, Petition for Call, and comissioned Oath of Call. All those steps will be explained in the documents send by LSO to your online account a couple weeks before your articling term is set to complete. If you have completed all those steps by the day of call, you’ll get a message to your account once you are a fully licensed lawyer, and can begin practicing as such
  6. Anyone familiar with per diem Crown work in Southern Ontario? How much it pays, how often you can get the work, etc.
  7. Important to note that Queens only counts full load semesters, which is defined as a minimum 4 courses. So don’t take an extra semester to bring up your L2 if you only take 3 courses, since it won’t be counted. Your LSAT is good and above median, I don’t know about your cGPA but my advice would be that if you had a strong semester and a good upward trend across your undergrad don’t spend the money on extra courses. That’s my two cents
  8. 2 things: 1. I totally agree with everyone else that you should take our opinions with a grain of salt, but I also think that if you want the best chance we give you a helpful opinion, we need accurate stats. Google OLSAS GPA calculator (there’s one on this site) and get the stats OLSAS will actually look at so we can help more 2. All across this forum you will hear people say - go to school where you want to work. It’s certainly not impossible to study in Ontario and work in another province, but factor in the cost of traveling to attend recruits, more time consuming/ costly / difficult time networking within the community you want to work, etc. As far as tuition goes, Queens is very on par with other Ontario schools. Western, Ottawa, Windsor (not dual) are almost the same, Lakehead is only marginally cheaper, and Osgoode and U of T are much more costly. So you really won’t get cheaper tuition in Ontario.
  9. My heart has never beat so quickly as when I saw that message notification. I am wildly relieved because between tech issues my solicitor’s was a s**tstorm. But never mind, I never have to do it again.
  10. Their website says you will be sent a report in the next few weeks, detailing your performance on each individual section. I’m sure this is a hard bit of news to process, but I would wait to get the report before you plan a strategy going forward. That way you can see where your weak points are. The website also indicates there is a tutoring service set up for those who failed their first attempt. Ultimately, take a deep breath, wait for the report, and go from there. I don’t think there’s any use in speculating where you went wrong when the LSO is going to tell you
  11. Correct. Which would just mean your file will be farther down the pile they go through, and so you may hear back quite late. But your stats are also very borderline, so you would hear back late regardless.
  12. Is it possible to get accommodations for the LSAT? I feel like this is very much something they should work with, because it sounds like you are a completely compétent student despite your injury, and a standardized test should not hold you back. That or apply to McGill, where your grades are good and they don’t need an LSAT (I think)
  13. Now that they’ve set the dates for registering for the November exam writes, I think we at least know that the results cannot be any later than Oct 1st and Oct 15th, respectively. Since they’d have to give the results before the deadline to register for a re-write, if needed. Since that’s a month away, we had all better find a way to forget about it until then lol
  14. Yes admin for the page controls who has access, and I assume you’ll be getting yours sometime in late August or early September. Other than outlines there’s also useful things like past grade distributions for courses, and pst USAT results for the profs. As a recently graduated 3L, when I tried to access it back in May I had already been locked out
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