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  1. 3rdGenLawStudent

    Ask a 1L!

    They release the course prize winners, and the medalists. The medalists are the people who had the highest, second highest, and third highest GPAs in any given year. They will also inform people who make Deans List. Deans List is the top 10% of the class. So if you don’t medal but are in the top 10% you’ll know, although no one else will unless you tell them, or add it to LinkedIn. But no one outside of the top 3 know their numbered rank, and no one in the bottom 90% of the class knows where they stand either.
  2. 3rdGenLawStudent

    Access Queen's 2019

    Exactly Best of luck, I love QL, think it's a great choice for law school. I hope you don't have to play this waiting game for too long, I know how soul crushing it can be
  3. 3rdGenLawStudent

    Access Queen's 2019

    I think QueensLawChad was being slightly dramatic, but clearly trying to drive home a point - applying Access does not excuse sub-par stats, and can be more competitive than people realize. The average highest LSAT for Access for the class of 2021 was 160, 2 points lower than the average for general. Now, Access is a bit of a dark hole, where unlike General there's going to be a different emphasis on things like career experience, extenuating circumstances, etc. What this means is your stats alone aren't going to be a perfect predictor. And the adcom has said that a 155 is a cutoff, but that doesn't mean that 155+ means you are competitive if your other factors aren't strong. If you're sitting at a 155/3.5, but have 20 years experience as a cardiac surgeon (which is a real work history that a current QL student has), then yes, I'd bet a 155 is competitive. If you're a 155/3.5 and you have 5 years working as a social media lifestyle blogger, eh, let's see how good your personal statement is. There will be people on these threads with all manner of stats showing you it's possible to get in with some score. But you can never truly assess what it was about their application that got them in. You also have to factor that the number of applicants to law schools in Ontario has been slowly growing year to year. Queen's saw a ~10% jump in number of applications between 2017 and 2018. So it's not very useful to say 'well they got in, so I have a good chance'. They got in, and so maybe you have a chance. Some posters here are pretty vocal about trying to underscore how shakey that maybe can be.
  4. 3rdGenLawStudent

    St. Catherine's Crown Office

    Just trying to do some summer planning, and wondered if anyone on this site has (a) applied to the St. Catherines/ Welland 2019 summer student position, and (b) whether you've heard back about getting an interview. I've heard from all the other offices, so I was curious to see if St Catherines was just late or if the ship has sailed
  5. 3rdGenLawStudent

    Ask a 1L!

    Cornonthecob was specifically taking about full year courses. Public/ Constitutional are half year classes, not full year. You take Public in the fall. This past year, at least one of the Public profs offered a truly failsafe midterm - i.e. it only counted if it helped your final grade. The only other assessment for that class was the final exam. The broad idea is this not only gave people failsafe practice for their Public final, it also introduced them to law exams generally. Skills like working with fact patterns, organization and timing, and just getting used to the environment of these exams, are transferable from Public to all other law exams. In case this matters, Public is always the first exam in December, so you get the final out of the way and then take the midterms for all the full year courses. Broadly speaking, a poor midterm grade worth 10% won’t budge your mark much. If you got a B on your December midterm for criminal, and your April final is an A, no preofessor would seriously give you a grade less than A-.
  6. 3rdGenLawStudent


    Can confirm- majority of law students live close to campus. I have lived about a 30-minute walk away for 2 years, so I am much farther out than most, but I rely on the bus system, which I've found to be fine, and I got a much cheaper and nicer apartment (that was furnished and all inclusive) than my peers for living far out. Check the bus routes around the place you're renting - if you live far and in a bus-poor area, you'll spend much more driving to campus than you'll save.
  7. 3rdGenLawStudent


    Yes if you are coming to Queens as a grad student, don't do University housing. Many students join the class Facebook and seek people to room with. You can find places on Kijiji or the Queen's housing site. I personally preferred to get a one bedroom for 1L, since I didn't know anyone and was nervous at the prospect of living with strangers. Here are some tips re: Kingston housing that I posted in the Ask a 1L thread:
  8. 3rdGenLawStudent

    Financial Assistance as Queens

    This website links you to all of the awards/ bursaries. many of the applications are accessed through SOLUS (https://www.queensu.ca/studentawards/award-list/named-bursaries/law-admission-bursaries). These are application-required; there are also scholarships people are automatically considered for, but my understanding is very competitive stats are required to be considered. Note that sometimes bursaries require that you (a) have applied for OSAP and (b) have not rejected the loan portion of your OSAP funding.
  9. 3rdGenLawStudent

    Chances? cGPA 3.53/L2 3.71/LSAT 156

    On GPA: Ottawa might not be a safe bet given their emphasis on cGPA over L2/B2 - your cGPA is weaker than many they accept, as the admit threads and their website indicate though your L2 (I'll assume that's your B2) makes you a better candidate for those schools. On LSAT: Can't comment on what Windsor will think, but 156 is below the published 'competitive range' for all the other schools to which you have applied. Western wants 80th percentile (160), Ottawa says 70th percentile (~157+), and Queens says 157 is the low end of competitiveness (and if you see the admit threads, a score like this is often off-set by higher L2s). Now, because you have slightly lower stats does not mean you WON'T be accepted. As you've indicated you have decent softs, which could tip the scale when the AdCom reads your file. But know that many schools rank files based on scores, and review the files in that order, meaning your file will be read later in the application cycle, when some spaces have already filled up. So don't expect early or even mid season admissions.
  10. 3rdGenLawStudent

    Chances? cGPA 3.72 / L2 3.72 / LSAT 156

    Toronto is extremely unlikely with that GPA unless you can pull a 167+. Check the website/ past admit threads and you'll see their highly competitive class stats. Western says applicants are not competitive until they achieve 80th percentile or higher in their LSAT (so ~160+). Osgoode would be somewhere between the two. Your GPA is maybe fine for those schools but you do need that LSAT to go up. Good luck in January. As Luckycharm says, Windsor is hard to predict given their holistic process.
  11. 3rdGenLawStudent

    Ask a 1L!

    I was thinking the same thing at this time last year Marks will not be given until the new year- I believe it was January 11th last year. As a 1L, you only have 1 official grade (Public), so you may get other grades back a bit sooner, if your profs give you back your exams in the first week of classes. But keep in mind that while some profs curve individual assessments (including the midterm), others give you raw scores and then curve the final grade in the end. So the grades you get on the midterms may not be as bad as they first appear.
  12. 3rdGenLawStudent

    Chances [LSAT: Cancel, 163; CGPA: 3.64]

    Your stats are good for Queen's but keep in mind they're a B2 school so your B2 matters more than cGPA (though the fact that your cGPA is strong leads me to believe your B2 is great too).
  13. 3rdGenLawStudent

    Chance me! L2 3.93, 15

    Retake yes. 157 is not competitive based on the applicant pool, but you'd have a great chance with a 160+ LSAT.
  14. 3rdGenLawStudent

    Which schools have their own site?

    You still need to send you acceptances through OLSAS. Schools will post their decisions to their websites, and then OLSAS usually reflects that 2-3 days later. But accepting/ declining those offers is done via OLSAS< unless it changed this year.
  15. 3rdGenLawStudent

    To include or not to include on OLSAS Sketch?

    I say include. You won't be the only person working for a family-owned business, so the verifier won't look suspicious, as long as you include in your description that it was indeed a family business. Any name for the photography will do; as you undoubtably gleaned, they are rarely if ever called, it's just a matter of indicating you have proof you did the work.