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  1. Definitely more court time as a trial lawyer (plus the opportunity to work with juries if you're interested in that) + you get to work with witnesses. Appellate work is a lot more research, written advocacy, etc.
  2. I need this to be the case this year, I need this chapter of my life to be closed haha
  3. Yeah ONCA told me they have agreements with BCCA and FCA so they will hopefully just all come out on the same day (tomorrow??)
  4. I was under the impression that SCC, and then all the other CAs will send out offers next Friday but I might be incorrect.
  5. When the GC lights up with BCCA hopefuls ha
  6. Has anyone heard about BCCA 2nd round interviews?
  7. Last year Paliare didn’t send out until the week of call day.
  8. I actually disagree on this one. Normally I would say some job experience in 1L summer (never underestimate customer service jobs!) would look better but I think in a COVID world where there’s a shortage of jobs or not everyone can physically go out and work due to health concerns, it’s completely okay to not work this summer. As long as you spend your summer doing something you can talk about, like what @lewcifersaid, you’re set. So that could be taking up some new hobbies, reading, helping care for a family member. I really think employers will be mindful of this during the current and next recruit cycle.
  9. If this is any consolation OP, I worked in Toronto this summer and had several colleagues doing degrees out of province! It's definitely possible to come back to Ontario to get a job, and considering the adjustments that have been made this year due to COVID and all interviews being conducted remotely, I think asking firms for an accommodation to do remote interviews because you're not able to come home is actually a possibility in the future.
  10. I agree with everyone who said not to worry about the appearance and just focus on best sound quality. Lawyers at my firm have worn full on gaming and “call centre”-y headphones with the mic piece. I don’t think anyone will judge the appearance!
  11. I would really recommend taking Advanced Legal Research...a really practical course and if you take it in the fall and then your STP course in winter, it’ll be really helpful. It was also just generally helpful for my summer at a firm (you’ll get some research training but ALR was still really useful).
  12. In non COVID years now, anyone who applies gets in!
  13. There are a bunch of out-of-province (including AB students) at Queen's who were able to get jobs back in Calgary & Edmonton, so coming to Queen's definitely won't close the Alberta door for you. It just might make it a bit more difficult and will put more onus on you to do the legwork, as I've heard some criticism that the CDO isn't as helpful with out-of-province recruit.
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