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  1. Hi, I know this is a little bit of a long shot, but I was hoping there was someone on here in Allan Rock's International Humanitarian Law class that wanted to be in Jeff Johnston's Charter Rights and Remedies in Criminal Cases instead. If you or anyone you know wants to trade classes, post here. Even if we can get a three way trade going around. A lot of people I know wont drop a class because they don't like the options left.. if everyone feels that way about the options that are left, which it seems based off the lack of movement on the waitlists that that's what's happening, then no one will drop. And we might have a stagnant wait list. But if people had a way of sharing their waitlist numbers for classes they would know if, say, two people who both had the number one spot wanted each other's course, then one would drop their seat if they knew they would then get into the course they wanted by doing so. The syllabus for IHL has been released and it includes a 70% final paper, 20% in class presentation and 10% class participation. For CRRCC, its 10% class participation, 20% factum, 20% moot and 50% final exam. The reviews for Jeff Johnston on rate my prof are amazing, 4.6/5 for overall quality, a 3.0 for difficulty, and though I've never seen him, apparently he's hot: http://www.ratemyprofessors.com/ShowRatings.jsp?tid=1686702 There's no reviews for an Allan Rock at any school at all. So you're walking in a bit blind as to how difficult of a grader he is, etc. There's clearly advantages and disadvantages to each syllabus. Those who struggle with time management, like me, would have a harder time with a 70% final paper than with 20% factum and 20% moot, 50% exam, all spread out over different dates; However, I'm so interested in IHL after finally seeing the syllabus for it, I'd really rather struggle with a 70% paper than do it , what I see as -- due to my criminology background -- the easy way out. I signed up for Charter Remedies in Criminal cases because I was really worried about how hard law school was made out to be. I thought by this time of the year I wouldn't be up for challenging myself so much as I would really want to just finish and finish well. I now think I'm up for it and was hoping someone out there wanted to trade or even if I could get the conversation going. I haven't asked administration yet, but I was thinking if two students who are really passionate about their topic wanted to switch classes, pled their case and had prof's approval maybe it could happen... especially when we begin nearing the registration deadline in few days, deadline on February 9. Like I feel at this point people are not dropping a class that they thought they'd be interested in in September because the other classes aren't that good... so there wont be much movement on the thematic course waitlist, especially for someone like me who is in position 9. But if we they were presented with two people who wanted to trade classes really badly, maybe we could make it happen.
  2. imalwaysanxious

    2017/2018 Current 1L AMA

    Hi, I figured I'd start a new one because the last one was from 2016/2017. I'm currently a 1L at uOttawa, been in the city for 15 years, ask me anything. AA
  3. imalwaysanxious

    Missed Bursary Deadline

    I also got admitted recently and I missed the deadline to apply for scholarships/bursaries. I called Admissions and was told it was a firm deadline... I asked the individual I was speaking to if the policy in place - having people apply before getting admitted - made any sense to them, and the person laughed. It was pretty clear the answer was "this policy makes no sense but I can't say that to you because I work here."
  4. imalwaysanxious

    Missed Bursary Deadline

    uOttawa expects you to apply for scholarships and bursaries by a Dec 31 (this year extended to Jan 31), whether or not you've been admitted. It said so on OLSAS, on the page where you submit your personal statement. Completely ass-backward.
  5. imalwaysanxious

    How can 1L's looking for roommates find each other?

    Just trying to help you out lol. Here's better if you're looking to let people know about your edmonton place: http://lawstudents.ca/forums/forum/5-university-of-alberta/
  6. imalwaysanxious

    How can 1L's looking for roommates find each other?

    You're in the UWO forum?? Probably not the best place to be posting this
  7. So from postings on UWO housing site and kijiji it's clear that there are a few groups of students looking for one more person to fill a bedroom or something like that. But are my only options finding a 1 bedroom or moving into a bedroom of an already leased home? What I'm wondering is if there is a way for 1L's starting at Western to find each other and just lease a place together? It might sound a little weird, but I feel like if I'm gonna move in with total strangers I'd at least like them to be in my class. There's buildings like 520 Talbot that seem way more reasonable if you're 2 people, I just feel like I'd rather lease out a place like that and be comfortable instead of living in a house with 5 other people.. Am I alone here?
  8. imalwaysanxious

    Accepted to Ottawa 2017

    Carleton U I never received an email either, just checked my uozone and found "admitted"
  9. imalwaysanxious

    Theory for slow acceptances

    Just wanted to chime in and say that the recent offer I got gave me until May 4th to decide ... So I think it's possible that once this current wave gets back to them they'll be reviewing files to send out other acceptances before the waitlist.
  10. imalwaysanxious

    Mature Applicants Accepted/ Rejected 2017

    Have you decided between Western or uOttawa yet? I'm in the same position now and was wondering what swayed you either way.
  11. imalwaysanxious

    10 reasons TO go to my law school

    I've read so many negative things about Ottawa, I'd really like to hear a UO student or ex-student talk about what they like about their school.
  12. imalwaysanxious

    Western v Ottawa

    I'm glad you brought up finances because on second thought I think I should elaborate on that part. First of all, I guarantee everyone I have more debt than any undergrad student in Canada. If not, I'm in the 99th percentile. I have more debt than anyone I know. I basically had to start my degree all over again after finally getting treatment for my learning disorder. I went from a D average student to straight A's, and once it became clear that I could actually do this, I backdate withdrew everything and started from scratch. OSAP loans for ~ 8 years, very much over 2x (around 3x?) provincial and national student debt averages. For law school, I have access to a student line of credit, so I know I can "afford" going to Western, but I really don't know if I should. If you were in my position, debt wise, would you still have chosen to go to Western? Like if you had that much debt, and could go to a local school that you didn't like for like $30,000 less than it would cost to move to London, would you have still done it? I could tell Western was amazing and I really liked it, but if you were in my shoes would you take the cheaper option or would you say your time at Western is worth the difference in debt?
  13. imalwaysanxious

    Western v Ottawa

    After provisionally accepting Western on the April 1 deadline, I received an acceptance to uOttawa, 2 weeks to decide. I'm torn between the two schools: I like Western's small class size and the collegial feel. I've read other people call this a "gimmick" but as someone with a learning disorder I notice a big difference in my performance in small v large class sizes. I know the smaller class sizes thing will actually work to my benefit. I had a great experience visiting the campus. I loved the school and found administration extremely helpful. I met with several people after the tour, and got to speak about financial aid and mental health concerns. Western made me feel like they really wanted me there. The student ambassador giving me the tour was really over the moon about the law school. He had great things to say about the clinics, he himself has obtained both 1L unpaid and summer paid positions in the clinics. From what he said, and from what I could see, Western cares about its students and is working to make sure they have everything they need. I think I'd like to live in Toronto in the near future however I'm happy in Ottawa as well. I did not like the uOttawa law school. The student ambassador giving me the tour "liked" not "loved" it. The building does feel cramped and crowded. The ambassador herself interviewed for a clinic position but wasn't offered one, and she felt the clinic position:student ratio was a challenge. I'm more interested in a public sector job than something to do with corporate/business. In this regard, uOttawa has a much better course selection, more in the area of my interest. I currently live in Ottawa and if I attend uOttawa I would not be paying rent. My bills would be very minimal. I can't stress how much I didn't like uOttawa. I've read some complaints on here about their administration. I already have complaints. It took me 4 days, 2 emails and 3 phone calls to set up a tour for the law school. I had to call back and remind them. When I contacted both Western and Windsor for tours, they emailed me back within the hour and set it up. More about their administration: The email I sent requesting a tour also asked if I could, at that time, or a later time, sit down with someone to talk about financial aid and mental health support. They have yet to even acknowledge that portion of the email and I doubt they will. Once I called them to remind them about the tour part, they emailed me back and only acknowledged that portion. uOttawa really made me feel like a number, like it couldn't care less whether I was there or not. What do I do.
  14. imalwaysanxious

    Campus culture for mature student

    I'll also be 28 by the time school kicks off in the fall! I think we're bordering that line between reg and mature student; i'm also a little concerned with all the bro culture rumours i'm hearing, but after visiting the school/city i feel like it's the sort of thing you can avoid if you want to
  15. imalwaysanxious

    Accepted to Ottawa 2017

    Accepted this past Thursday as well. 166 LSAT, 3.13 cGPA Applied access category, strong ECs Now anxious about making the wrong choice between Ottawa and Western