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  1. Bonjour tout le monde! Je me demandais si l'Université de Montréal à une base de données où nous pouvons accéder à des notes de cours (écrit par des étudiants). Je sais que McGill en a une mais je préfère les notes de UdeM (mon école). Merci!
  2. Hello, has any re-applicants received a response?
  3. Hi peeps! Do you know how to apply for entrance scholarships?
  4. Hi guys, I know this may sound really stupid, but would someone mind showing me how to accept the offer on Centre Étudiant (through print screens). The way UDEM's portal is made is really confusing. Although I paid the $300 fee, I believe I did not properly accept my offer yet. The accept/reject are on the same button. I clicked once and it brought me to another page. The other page was as confusing (again accept/reject were on the same page) so I did not click anything and went back to the previous page. Your help is very appreciated! Have an amazing day!!
  5. Hi all, I think that someone answered this question before in a thread, but I cannot find it. I was wondering if McGill dropped the lowest grades and if they looked at the last year in constrat to the cGPA. Thank you for your help!
  6. For those who applied for entrance scholarships and were accepted::: Hi, I was just filling in my application for financial help for students in need. In the form, they ask the amount we think we need. For the amount, I summed the tuitions for both fall and winter, my rent for a period of 9 months, and the book expanses which comes up to a big amount. Honestly, I have even asked a little less than what I needed because I was scared that the amount would be refused. My question is: Do you think that the application can get refused if they think I ask for too much? Or, will they try to accomodate you the way they can rather than refusing the application? In general, what has been your experience in asking for financial aid when you are in need? Thank you
  7. I posted this thread under McGill, but I am posting it under general discussions too to see if more people will help me! Thank you in advance Hi people, so I am posting this thread in a desperate need for help. This is a bit personal but at this point I don't know what to do anymore. When I was eighteen, my father asked me for my credit card because my family had payments to do or else we lost the house (which we did lose after all). I have no idea why my limit was approved for $8,000 but it was. Naive and stupid like I was I lent him my card. I left the card with him for a month because he told me he would pay it at the end of the month..Yeah he is my dad so I trusted him... Next thing I know, he would not let me access, see, or use my card anymore. I looked for it everywhere and cancelled it when I couldn't find it. ANYWAYS, the other next thing I learn is that he filled it completely in a month...yes $8,000. Then he goes bankrupt and on welfare so he has no more debt or income and I am stuck with this debt until today 6 years later (now the amount is $11,000 because he never paid anything)... So yeah I have so much anxiety because of this. I know it is all my fault for trusting him. I tried paying it bit by bit because I have almost no income since I am a student. But the amounts I put are useless since they don't even cover the interests. Now I have a very bad credit...the score they give right before bankrupsy. I am accepted into law and don't even now if I will have scholarships to pay my tuitions. Obviously because I have a bad credit, no bank will be willing to open me a lign of credit. To pay my tuitions I would do anything even if it means working multiple jobs but in law I cannot afford to take time away from my study time. My question is: Has anyone experienced something similar. If yes, what did you do? Advisors have told me to bring my father to court...but that is not what I want to do..it's not like he can pay it anyway. I was thinking of doing a bankrupcy because I will need credit in a few years that's for sure..but that is my last resort and I can't think of other options right now and I need to be able to sleep at night! Thank you for your support and insights, sorry if this comes accross as desperate but I can't find relevant information aside from applying for a bankrupcy.
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