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  1. I asked Dailene a while ago and she wrote: "Last year, no offers were made from the waiting list. The previous year, we made about twenty offers from our waiting list and the year prior to that, we made offers to everyone on our waiting list." So it really varies from year to year, but I wouldn't necessarily give up hope yet
  2. Waitlisted May 3rd. Confirmed UVic GPA (with drops): 3.87 LSAT: 160 Confirmed index score: 883.75 Received the ranking email today - I'm 32/81 and requesting to be removed from the waitlist. Good luck to everyone!
  3. Accepted on Friday (and went into queue on 25 January) OLSAS cGPA: 3.66 LSAT: 160
  4. Accepted today! OLSAS cGPA: 3.66 LSAT: 160 Regular category I found out via uozone but haven't received an email yet... Also, I'm visiting the school within the next couple of weeks and aiming to make a decision (and potentially free up a space) as soon as possible! Good luck to everyone waiting
  5. ^Agreed, I think you have a good chance - if it can happen to me, it can happen to you! Best of luck
  6. Accepted yesterday! CGPA: 3.66 L2: ~3.7 LSAT: 160 Non-maritime; general. I submitted my application mid-December and didn't receive an 'under review' email beforehand.
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