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  1. PASS PASS! It was such a relief. I honestly keep checking to make sure they haven’t changed their minds. Barristers I was pretty confident but solicitors was truly a toss-up. I could not be happier that I never have to go through this again. However, I do have friends that did fail the solicitors and never thought they would fail. So for those that did not get the result you wanted, don’t beat yourself up over it. The comeback is always greater than the setback!
  2. Passed barristers! Definitely a relief but too early to celebrate not knowing about solicitors. Hope it’s released soon
  3. Thank you for this, @Lawstudent3210! I went through the wrong answers of both my OLE and Emond, and will flip through each chapter and subtitles to remember general areas to find the answers. Here’s to hoping I feel the same way after I finish the solicitor exam!
  4. I felt the Emond 2020 solicitor practice exam was very difficult and extremely convoluted at times. Which is weird because I thought the Emond 2020 barrister practice exam was quite fair in comparison to the actual exam. What are your thoughts on the Emond practice solicitors compared to the actual solicitors exam if you’re comfortable with my asking?
  5. Someone talk me off a ledge -- I'm writing the solicitor's exam in a couple of days and have done 2 practice exams. For reference, I got 85% on the OLE practice, and 75% on the Emond practice (I found it extremely difficult and technical, especially in comparison to the OLE exam). I've heard through the grapevine from past test-takers who have told me that the solicitors exam is mainly PR (some even said only 20-30% of the exam was 'actual' material). Can anyone provide me with some thoughts on those scores and how to best prepare in the few days leading up to my exam? Should I review all my wrong answers from OLE and Emond, and really grill down areas where I got it wrong? Let me know what you think is best to maximize success on exam day!
  6. I do have enough time to finish the section! What I do is answer ones I know with decent confidence it’s correct and feel good, and for ones I am not fully confident in answering, I will eliminate options that are very clearly wrong, and flag it for later to check back again. It’s not a time constraint for me — more so a lack of confidence in choosing the right answer. And of course ensuring I am looking in the right place for the answer. I think the more practice I do, the more confident I will feel in using my indices. I am starting to feel very confident in PR, with more concerns for civ lit and public law.
  7. I’ve been using my indices rather than my DTOC. While I do understand that people find the DTOC helpful, I am usually able to spot the important keyword and I think the index is best for keywords rather than DTOC which is based more on themes. I’ve done 3 separate timed practice tests today and I’ve gotten 68% on Civ Lit, 80% on Crim and 92% on PR most recently. I’m very glad my PR score is so high and that was with minimal index usage, which I attribute to reading through a second time throughout this week and I plan to read through a third time next week. I think it’s a matter of me continually getting used to the flipping indices and materials, process of eliminating clearly wrong answers, and being confident in my choices. I also welcome any additional suggestions! 😊 Most of my struggle has been with civil litigation so far (clearly based on that assessment above). I get in and around the 70-80s for all other sections. I don’t know how helpful having charts/cheat sheets would assist me in getting that mark up higher.
  8. We are given 1.5 minutes to answer each question on the exam this year based on the changes made. For example: if my section has 40 questions, I multiple 40 questions by 1.5 minutes to set a timer for 60 minutes total. That way, I simulate the time allocated for each question as if it were on the exam day with the same time allocated per question. Hope that explanation makes sense!
  9. I've been doing timed practice questions (as of now separated by section, multiplying the number of questions by 1.5 to simulate the amount of time to answer each question on the exam). I am practicing/reviewing every other day and am writing in one week. I've been consistently getting 65-70% on each timed section, no matter what I do. Is this normal? For the record, I've been doing OLE or Emond Practice Tests. Did anyone get in that sort of range while practicing and pass the exam? It's so hard to gage as they never release the bar exam pass rate. Any guidance would be helpful!
  10. Did you use any Indices, DTOC, or both? What do you think helped you to find the answers in the most efficient and effective way?
  11. Thank you so much for this insight. As I was reading this, I have had those exact thoughts and feelings and I absolutely resonate with everything you've said. My nerves can be great because they push me to work hard, stay diligent, and do my best, but at the same time they can be debilitating and crippling. I will most definitely take your advice, because it sounds like something that will truly be able to help me get through this stressful time. Again, THANK YOU!
  12. I don’t know if it’s just me, maybe I’m coming on here to see if others feel this way... but in the midst of preparing for the bar between reading the materials and starting to work through practice exams, does anyone feel (or has felt) scary test anxiety about the upcoming bar exams and wondering about if you’ll pass? Sometimes, I get in these ruts of second-guessing yourself about your abilities and competencies. Any advice for those of us second-guessing ourselves?
  13. As a summer student who had much more busy time than down time, take this time to enjoy yourself and don't be so hard on yourself if you're not busy. If you were the only student not busy and all others were, that might be cause for concern. However, because you've all just started... give yourself AND the lawyers some time to get acclimated to the current workload and the new style of working from home. There's no longer an opportunity to walk by a lawyer's office to chat or ask if they need help. Once the summer progresses, you will get to know lawyers more and they will get to know you more (this includes the work product you give them). Building those relationships is important, but it takes time. I suggest not to rush it. Trust me, when the time comes, asking lawyers for working or following up on previous work WILL keep you busy. Sometimes, a little too busy (speaking from experience). In terms of billable/non-billable, it is not something a summer student should be concerned about. If you have Professional Development/Student Committee team, I'm sure they're in correspondence with lawyers at the firm, possibly on the email thread when they send out student work requests, so I wouldn't sweat what people will think about your docketing content right now with everything going on.
  14. I'm not sure. This is just based on what a friend told me with regards to their start date. I don't know how it affects the total timeline.
  15. I’ve heard that Dentons is starting their articling term September 14th
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