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  1. According to the Law Society, it is not allowed for firms participating in the Toronto OCI Recruit to engage in any recruitment activity before in-firm week begins. "There shall be no recruitment activities for second year students attending Ontario law schools between 5:00 p.m. on Monday, August 20, 2018 and 8:00 a.m. on Monday, November 5, 2018, except for the conducting of on-campus interviews and the scheduling of interviews and of any other recruitment activities to be conducted during the November 5 Interview Week. "
  2. Have people heard back from Lenczner Slaght yet?
  3. Has anyone gotten a PFO from any of the following firms? Bennett Jones; Cassels Brock; Gowling; Hicks Morley; McCarthys; Wildeboer Also --- Has anyone heard from firms that do not participate in OCIs, but do in-firms?
  4. Accepted as of 8:30 this morning! I was hoping for a miracle, and it was such a treat to see this morning! I had been Referred to the Admissions Committee since February. No waitlist, just checked my email and received my acceptance letter attached. 151 September 2016 LSAT, and 158 February 2017 LSAT (which they did not take into consideration) CGPA of 3.56 and L2/B2 GPA of 3.90. I personally think that my ECs and references were good! Past internships at 2 law firms, school clubs, volunteering at schools, working during my undergrad, and currently working at [a law firm]. Both references are lawyers who actually attended UWindsor for law school. I hope this gives those with lower stats some hope that it CAN happen! Windsor truly is holistic and I am so grateful for the opportunity!
  5. Me too... the waiting game is not a fun one. Good luck to you and hoping we see some movement soon!
  6. I was referred to admissions committee today. It was sometime this afternoon because when I checked in the morning, I was still pending review. For anyone that is still curious! My last name starts with a K if that helps at all.
  7. I'm still pending review as well. It's starting to make me very nervous! The class will fill up with people who are getting accepted but meanwhile my application hasn't even been looked at yet
  8. I'm still pending review too... when I spoke to a woman on the phone about 2 weeks ago she said that if I was still pending review by reading week, that I could call again to check in.
  9. Anyone else still say "pending review" or is it JUST me?
  10. Hi all! I just called Windsor to see about the application status as a whole. I asked her because I am still sitting at "pending review" whereas others say "referred to admissions committee". For anyone else in the same boat as me, "pending review" does NOT mean you are missing any of the documents where it says "no" (for example, the reference letters). It purely means that they have not read and reviewed those documents on their end of things. So all pending review means is that they have not completed going through your entire application. She said that if it still says Pending Review by the end of February, to call back and check back in. Hope this helps!
  11. Mine is still saying "pending review" and says that I don't have certain documents, but I have all the supporting documents uploaded to OLSAS. Anyone else in the same boat? Or should I be contacting Windsor?
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