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  1. If you are worried about your computer crashing/accessing your notes from anywhere, Microsoft OneDrive is a good option. I use Word and back everything up automatically to OneDrive. I can access OneDrive from anywhere with internet
  2. ^0L here, dropping by to ask my own questions, but might as well chime in to bump your post. It may be helpful for you to try the online financial aid calculator and consult the financial aid booklet for a breakdown of how aid is calculated @LivePumpkin. I believe some members have already provided a little bit of insight as to whether the aid calculator was accurate for them (it seems like there are mixed reviews). Anyways, any current students here involved in intramurals? I noticed that there are some threads on this topic from ~2010 and earlier, but I figured that it would be nice to get some fresh perspective. I'm interested in playing basketball or volleyball this fall. How competive are the teams? What does the time commitment look like? Do you or anyone you know have any experience with the all-girls intramural league at U of T (actually a U of T undergrad but just recently found out about this online; girls compete in various sports week to week such as volleyball, dodgeball, etc)? Thanks!
  3. IN!!! cGPA: 3.65 B3: 3.82 LSAT:164 Great EC's (or so I would like to think: research in STEM in Canada and abroad). Just got the email right now. I didn't receive a call but my voicemail isn't properly set up so perhaps they called while I was in the subway today??? In shock.
  4. Cool, I feel slightly validated haha. Now to block this out of my memory until grey day. Best of luck everyone!!
  5. I felt relieved when I walked out of the test centre but now I'm just anxious. How did everyone feel about the LG and LR this time (without discussing specific questions)? I thought the LG were a little tricky (compared to September) and while I breezed through one LR section, I found the other to be a bit time consuming. Reading about the test on forums is just psyching me out...and yet here I am lol
  6. ^ Maybe an outlier, maybe insignificant, but I have been in queue since November 21st, wrote in September and rewriting in December!
  7. ^ I was feeling the same way. OLSAS stats help put it in perspective: https://www.ouac.on.ca/statistics/law-school-application-statistics/ It's competitive either way, but this year's application numbers don't seem to be terribly out of the ordinary.
  8. Hey! Obligatory disclosure: I took the LSAT in September, scored in the mid 160's and will be retaking on Saturday. 1. Arrive at the test centre well rested, well fed, and with ample time for a washroom run before the exam begins. 2. Don't feed your own anxiety by discussing everything you know about the LSAT with the other people in the test centre before the exam begins. This is annoying and neither you, nor anybody else, needs this. 3. When you receive the test booklet, the pages will be sealed with a small sticker. You will need to remove/tear the sticker to open the test booklet when prompted. For some reason, this caused an unnecessary amount of stress for me. I didn't want to rip the page or look like an idiot. It doesn't actually matter how you go about peeling the sticker as long as you don't massacre the score card on the first page. 4. Time goes by faster on the real LSAT. Yes I took timed sections and timed PT's. For me personally, I think the pressure of the real exam raised the stakes. In the end, the perceived time difference helped me get in the zone but may have also contributed to some silly mistakes. Have a good watch and be mindful of the time, especially in the sections that may be more challenging for you. 5. Pretty standard LSAT tip but I'll repeat it since I find it extremely helpful: skip questions that look extra difficult or convoluted and come back to them later. For RC and LG, this means being mindful of which games or passages look particularly out of the ordinary, and moving on to the other games/passages to stay on track. For LR, I find that reading the stimulus and skimming the answer choices before moving on from a tough problem is effective. You will be surprised by how much information your brain retains from this initial pass at the question, ultimately helping you notice details in your second pass. 6. Don't chug your entire half litre bottle of water at the break! There are 2 sections and a writing sample to go. You don't want to be distracted by the untimely urge to use the washroom in section 5 of the test. If you must, use some time during the writing sample for a quick washroom run. 7. Keep calm and carry on. Remember, in the event of an emergency (a nosebleed, you forget to answer 20 questions, you miss-bubble an entire section, you run out of the testing centre mid way through LR 2 in anguish...etc), you can cancel your score. Alternatively, a less than stellar result is a data point for your future efforts, should you decide to retake the test. For myself, the score confirmed where I thought I excelled and where I speculated I would crumble under the right circumstances. I have tried to make improvements in my study strategy accordingly. Good luck on Saturday!!! PS: Use deodorant and pray your fellow test takers do as well! My testing room was overwhelmed by the smell of BO. Don't let it happen to you.
  9. Yup, you got it. RC is printed over two pages on one side. No need for flipping during the test (same with LG).
  10. Application received on November 21st and placed in queue the same day!
  11. ^ to piggyback onto this discussion, if you are applying to ontario schools, how do you attach extra documentation on OLSAS? Would you send supporting documentation to law schools individually?
  12. lol its not that serious. I guess I just interpreted your comment to mean that 166 is the lsat floor (which it is not). Good luck to OP!
  13. Wow just realized the character limit on OLSAS is different than the one on their website (guessing they haven't updated the website yet). 2000 characters for part A is definitely limiting. My approach is going to be to edit down the PS I'm sending to most law schools, focusing on two connected, formative activities/academic projects from my undergrad.
  14. I understand that law students across the province take the same courses, however, Im wondering how a typical timetable pans out. Do you have classes everyday from 9 to 5? How many hours of class per week are to be expected? Personal notes on how this workload differs from your undergraduate schedule are also welcome! thanks!
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