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  1. Sooo...what do we do with all this paper? Can we just recycle it?
  2. Just more evidence that BQ isn't afraid of anything. Not failing the bar exams, not the coronavirus, not being mistaken for Quebecois. Nothing! And ofc he's going to pass.
  3. I don't think it will help if you email the schools. Once you're on a school's firm acceptance list, the other schools are going to respect that. Think about it - if you start poaching someone else's students late in the game to leave them scrambling, and they do the same to you, it's going to be that much more work for all the admissions offices. Either you decline your offer before it becomes firm, and roll the dice on someone else dropping out or not being able to attend one of your more desired schools, or you make your peace with going to the one you've committed to. I won't tell you what to do, but I think that after all the offers become firm, there probably won't be any shuffling and you're really only going to get in if someone drops out or defers due to an emergency or because they can't get financing etc. It would be a significant risk.
  4. Dunno about to whom, but the LSSO was told by the LSO that solicitors' scheduling will be on or around July 5th. So we get to do this whole thing again in a week and a bit!
  5. I didn't get mine. But just follow the link.
  6. I've been annotating a bit. For the most part, they're pretty good, but occasionally they'll throw something that's kind of on a tangent in (probably because there's nowhere else to put it) that I wouldn't have figured out from the DTOC alone.
  7. There are a lot of businesses that can't operate at a distance and HAVE to open right now or they won't be able to pay their bills. Nobody's going to force the workplaces that can allow their employees to WFH to come to the office, but if your business falls into phase 1, or 2, or an essential service, that means your employers can do what they want provided they're onside public health directives. Phase 2 doesn't surprise me, but phase 3 is going to depend on this going well. If in a few weeks the cases have stopped their decline and eg. are going up again, that will probably delay phase 3. I imagine that most employers that have been careful and allowed WFH even if it wasn't required won't be in a rush to bring everyone back right away, unless there are extenuating circumstances that force them too. Likely will want to see how phase 2 goes first, at a minimum. And even when people are being brought back, there's probably a hierarchy of who has to be in the office returning first, and some sort of staggered/rotating work week.
  8. It's a magical Diagon Ally underground in downtown Toronto comprising of tunnels, doors, escalators, shops, food courts, malls, and subway stops. Someone connected the basement levels of many office and retail buildings in the core - presumably so that nobody would have to go outside. It's basically another street level that takes a lot of foot traffic off the sidewalks. You can get quite far up Yonge and Bay Street from Union Station without ever having to brave the elements - about three subway stops iirc. It can be a bit of a labyrinth though, and get quite crowded during rush hours. Edit: city has a handy map https://www.toronto.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/87dd-TorontoPATHNetworkMap_v.2018.08.pdf
  9. I'm seeing tweets of courts still trying to putter on remotely in various places across the country. Ontario's putting 1.3 million into the court system to ease the transition to remote operations etc. It's obviously not going to be all matters, but it looks like there is a genuine interest in keeping the legal system going. I expect we'll probably get better at it as time passes, and something will be cobbled together in the next few months to create some work (although probably not running with the high octane efficiency of the Ontario court system prior to Covid ). The problem for the current class of articling students is the extreme uncertainty of a very new, fast-developing and totally unprecedented situation. Maybe if they don't get immediate hirebacks, and the situation looks better in a few months, firms could still hire them on later?
  10. As someone who tried to stay out of the debate but personally would've preferred an option to be graded, I'm actually glad I ended up in a mandatory pass/fail system. The current stress, that will likely only build as we get more local cases, did not mix well with exam/grades stress, and I only realized that once the latter disappeared. That being said, I'm an exiting 3L and this won't impact me too much. I do feel for the people who were counting on their 1L grades to get jobs. I don't think I would've been hired without my grades. Can anyone think of ways that 1Ls can improve their prospects prior to the recruit if they were in a P/F system, opted for P/F, or if they understandably got poor grades because of this global catastrophe?
  11. That seems like a really odd middle ground Queens has chosen. Basically if you have a p/f grade from Queens, any recruiter will know that you didn't do that well in the class ie. probably below the curve.
  12. It's all very Oprah: "You get a pass, you get a pass, you get a pass...everybody gets a pass!"
  13. My parents are hunkered down at home, terrified of going outside, which eases my mind a little. I just wish I had some certainty. It's the difference between whether I'm watching and listening to my lectures attentively, or overlaid by my new subscription to Disney+.
  14. Do you have a sense of what professors prefer in this situation? Pass/fail or some sort of grading scheme?
  15. Would it be safe to say that UofC would do the same thing? If there are only two schools in a province, it would be strange if they didn't co-ordinate a bit.
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