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  1. Tried official recruits, small firms, cold emails, networking, shadowing, etc. I’ve had multiple appointments with my career office. I just feel like a failure.
  2. I applied everywhere in London and K/W that took part in the formal process (other than IP firms). Two interviews in KW, no offers. I then applied more selectively to Ottawa firms (Maybe 5 or so). No interviews. My preferred area of practice is crim (although I have work experience in corporate/real estate/wills) so with the help of my career counsellor I then gradually emailed every crim lawyer who has an email accessible on their website in London and Kingston area so far. (Around 80 emails in London, 20 or so in Kingston). No interviews, but many kind words and well wishes (which I genuinely appreciate). I've since been completely unable to touch anything related to articling applications.
  3. Lol great. I'm going into 3rd year without articles lined up and already anxious enough. Now I could just be done completely if I can't find them in 3 years. Time to get get on my anti-anxiety meds again. Fuck.
  4. Hi all, Basically, I'm just wondering how common it is to be left without a 2L job nowadays. I struck out in the formal process. So I emailed around to law firms that practice in my area of interest, sending out feelers, and struck out there as well. Through the process I've also been checking in with the career development office at my school (Western). Outside of the formal process, I sent out around 90 inquiries/feelers before giving up and taking my old non-law job back. I found that firms that did take summer students usually couldn't pay them. Despite that, they usually had too many people wanting to volunteer already if I inquired. The career office is trying to be encouraging and tell me it's no big deal since I have some spent some summers working at a law firm, but it was 90% just as a receptionist. I have some clinic work under my belt, but not much. Is this normal? Do I just suck? (lol) I don't want to throw too much of a pity party but articling prospects aren't looking too great either, so I'm just looking for some perspectives.
  5. I could really use it right now. My grades are pretty bad. 1L: a C+, 4 B-'s, a B, and a B+ (legal writing course). Last semester I got 3 Bs and a B-. I work hard, and have improved my studying, I just really don't do well with the time constraints of law exams. I do well on papers (B+ to an A-) but there haven't been many classes that interest me with paper finals. I'll continue trying to improve. I have some work experience helping out in a little law firm that does some estates, real estate, corporate, and family law. I don't have a specific interest in any area of law yet, and am taking a pretty broad selection of courses. If I had to pick one it would probably be criminal law (I have some experience in the school clinic with this) but the idea of only doing criminal law doesn't really appeal to me. I go to Western and hope to practice in the London area (my family is from the area). For the London recruit, I didn't want to lie about being direly interested in a certain area of law, so instead I focused on having a broad interest in learning about various practice areas (and thus my interest in a full-service firm), and my interest in practicing in the London area one day. I applied to all firms participating in the London recruit and didn't get calls back. I'm not really surprised given my grades but I'm just feeling a bit discouraged. I don't have big bay street dreams or anything, and would rather stay local (in fact, due to family circumstances I'll be tied here for a while). I don't have any networking connections yet since most of my friends are from Toronto, I plan to email a few firms around town. I'm just hoping to have some luck and would love to hear from anyone who's been in a similar circumstance
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