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  1. Received an email offer April 12th. Have declined in favour of UVic, best of luck to those still waiting! L2: 3.45 LSAT: 162 average (157, 167)
  2. Got an offer February 28th 3.45 GPA 167 highest LSAT Some Sask connection, sibling living there Declined for UVic, hopefully someone gets my spot soon
  3. Was accepted on February 14th via email. GPA: 3.45 LSAT: 162 averaged (157 then 167) Law-related summer work experience and worked part-time at the university during my undergrad, decent academic references Declined for UVic as soon as I made my decision so the list can move along
  4. Notified through email on January 13th. GPA: 3.45 before drops, ~3.8 after drops LSAT: 167 Likely declining for UVic, will get on that so someone can have my spot!
  5. Got the call 12:50PM Alberta time! Submitted application January 6th, application status still reads "Forwarded for review". LSAT: 167 GPA: 3.45 before drops, self-calculated 3.57 after drops UVic is my first choice so will be accepting!!
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