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  1. From what I understand, most other NYC firms dont even bother sending pfos since they get so many applications
  2. Same here. How soon did you hear from skadden?
  3. Does anyone know if the Bay Street firms ask for transcripts again before handing out return offers for articling?
  4. I am working at a firm this summer and I was wondering if a summer position automatically guarantees you a position for articling? If not, is it competitive between summer students working at the firm to prove themselves (in order to secure a limited number of articling offers given to the summer students)?
  5. If you turn down a firm for dinner, does that mean you're out of the running because you prioritized another firm over them?
  6. Did anyone receive an ITC without dinner invites? Does this mean I have to impress the interviewers more than those who received dinner invites?
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