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  1. Your grade counts whenever you've earned the credit. So if it's a half year course, at the end of the term. If it's a full year course, it's included in CGPA at the end of the year.
  2. It's unlikely both you and your friends know and don't know the exact same topics. Group study typically allows everyone in the group to walk away with a better understanding of the material than if the individuals worked independently. Even if your group of friends outperform you, that doesn't necessarily mean you'll be bumped down a letter grade. A few students outperforming you on an exam won't change your grade. Whether group study is a productive means to study is a different question. A few times, I've been in group study situations that simply became pizza parties or a pre.
  3. Have bursaries for 2L/3L students come out already? Are you notified if you don't get one?
  4. haha yea i notice - might be that their current articling students make 1700, but the incoming summer students/articling students will make 1900 Osler's NALP is updated as well... https://www.nalpcanada.com/employer_profile?FormID=3225&QuestionTabID=46&SearchCondJSON=
  5. Stikeman's for sure - their NALP has been updated already https://www.nalpcanada.com/employer_profile?FormID=3375&QuestionTabID=46&SearchCondJSON=
  6. The good character amendment form is here: https://lawsocietyontario.azureedge.net/media/lso/media/becoming-licensed/lp05frmgoodcharacteramendment.pdf While it's only an amendment, it doesnt seem to indicate mental health issues affect good character.
  7. How does the student committee of a Bay Street firm determine who to hire back as an associate? I presume there would be an advantage (or a disadvantage if you had poor work product) if you worked on a file with a lawyer on the student committee. My concern is that I'm at a disadvantage if I've never worked on files with lawyers on the student committee, as the student committee may not know me very well (I am at a large firm where the partners could not possibly know all the lawyers working at the firm, let alone all of the articling students). Is getting good reviews from the lawyers you work with (who aren't on the student committee) sufficient?
  8. Fyi most bay street firms increased salaries this summer. Most firms are now paying 1700/week with a few paying 1850/week (eg Davies) and 1900/week (eg McCarthy's).
  9. From what I understand, most other NYC firms dont even bother sending pfos since they get so many applications
  10. Same here. How soon did you hear from skadden?
  11. Does anyone know if the Bay Street firms ask for transcripts again before handing out return offers for articling?
  12. I am working at a firm this summer and I was wondering if a summer position automatically guarantees you a position for articling? If not, is it competitive between summer students working at the firm to prove themselves (in order to secure a limited number of articling offers given to the summer students)?
  13. If you turn down a firm for dinner, does that mean you're out of the running because you prioritized another firm over them?
  14. Did anyone receive an ITC without dinner invites? Does this mean I have to impress the interviewers more than those who received dinner invites?
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