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  1. I'm a 2L at U of A... Just wanted to chime in and say my experience in 1L was pretty similar to yours. My cohort was cliquey as hell, and I spend most of 1L feeling lost and miserable. My class's average age was 23 (and I was bringing that average waaaay up!), so I just tried to shrug it off as most people still having that high school mentality. I had envisioned that law school would be a professional learning environment where everyone would get to know everyone, and we would all bond over a love for the law (😂). Well, that was naïve. I've adjusted my expectations big time for 2L. I'm at law school to earn a degree, not to have the best time of my life. I'm focusing in on my career goals and trying to make as many acquaintances/future business contacts as possible along the way. Thankfully I have a good support system outside of law school, so that helps. Hang in there, guys. If you want someone to talk to, PM me and we can meet for coffee or something. I won't give you any unsolicited upper-year advice, I promise.
  2. No problem! They split the money in half between the winter and fall semesters. Since I had already paid my fall tuition, that money was refunded to me sometime in November. You can add your bank account info on Beartracks to get a direct deposit; otherwise, it will be sent out by cheque. For the winter semester, the refund went through sometime in February. So, basically, you should be prepared to pay the tuition yourself and get refunded for the award later (after the term refund deadline passes).
  3. I wouldn't expect to hear back before September about application-based awards. I think I received my award letter in early Nov last year...
  4. Crim does, but I think LRW has just the one.
  5. There is no dress code. Business casual is totally fine for the open house (although some people will wear suits I'm sure). In 1L, you should have at least one suit that you can wear for career day, for interviews, and to other recruiting events. If you get involved with Student Legal Services, you will also need to wear a suit to court. For other events where you are mingling with lawyers, a dress and blazer is fine IMO. For day-to-day in law school, wear whatever you want.
  6. Same as mine. I'm quite happy with it. Now... to look up my profs on ratemyprofessors, lol.
  7. 3.97. It's gone a bit downhill since then, lol.
  8. Yes, U of A does send out some conditional offers. I received one mid-December of last year, in the first round of offers, that was conditional on the receipt of my fall grades. My L2 *without* fall grades was used for scholarship offers as well. My understanding is that they will give you a conditional offer if your index score is above a certain point, and otherwise, they will wait until your fall marks come in. Hope that helps!
  9. My offer letter says the 2nd deposit is due June 1.
  10. I received an e-mail! L2: 3.97 LSAT: 169 Also, I'm in my 4th year (with no fall grades submitted yet), and I haven't submitted my PS yet. I will definitely be accepting.
  11. It took about two weeks after submitting my app for my transcripts to be added as an action item on my "to do list." I received an e-mail to my ualberta account when the new action item was added. For me, it just shows that a request through ApplyAlberta to obtain my transcripts has been initiated. Hope that helps!
  12. Yeah, I can see what you're saying, providence. Although my situation is none of the above and for me, I believe, actually was a defining moment because of the path it set me on, you've given me something to think about. Perhaps I will address why, but in a very general way. Thanks
  13. Thanks, providence. I'm thinking about using that as a "defining moment" in my life and talking about how, in hindsight, that failure would go on to shape my character, ambitions, and sense of purpose. Then, I'd relate that to later professional and academic accomplishments. However, I'm not sure how personal I want to get in my PS, so I don't know if I'll talk about the reasons I left high school. Still thinking on that part...
  14. Hi everyone, I've started to work on my applications for fall 2018 admission and they're asking me for high school information, which... makes me nervous, since I didn't graduate from high school (which was over a decade ago). I'm planning on writing about that in my PS, but I'm wondering if my being a high school dropout will negatively impact my applications in any way. Or, does it depend on the school? My top choice is UofA, which as I understand it, is mostly stats based. I'm just hoping to avoid any surprises! LSAT 169 GPA 3.98 (first 3 yrs of my degree) Thanks! I'll also gladly accept any advice for writing my PS. Anyone have any interesting brainstorming or soul-searching techniques to get the creative juices going?
  15. Thanks for writing this. I REALLY needed to hear this today. I've been consistently scoring in the mid-170s (over 30+ PTs)... up until the last few days when I started doing PTs 73+ that I'd been saving up for the end. For whatever reason, I'm finding the newer PTs very difficult. This afternoon I completely bombed a LG section, and I've been freaking out ever since. So I will really try to take your advice.
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