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  1. Thanks for both of your input. The concern you both raised, blowing my chances at both offices, is my exact concern. But I have other options other than the overlapping firms, so there's that. I talked to my CDO and they seem to think this whole situation is fine and I should come out the other side clean and without a tarnished reputation so long as I am clear and open with the firms (which I have been this whole time). They did say firms may ask me to rank their offices.
  2. Thanks for the response - travelling back and forth won't be an issue in my participation. Unfortunately, I don't have refundable tickets - so it would save me no money. My prospects are good, I'm interviewing with some great firms. Ones I didn't think I would get - hence the reconsideration. Thanks for your response. Thanks for this cluj, but I get it - it's a stressful time. Haha yes it is very much like a LSAT (sorry!). I realized I made a mistake which must have added to the confusion. I have no idea how to edit my post so... the mistake and my shame lives on. You're right - it's a risk either way. I appreciate your advice. Thanks for the input everyone. I didn't realize this would be as sore of a topic as it was, so I apologize for that. I have a lot to think about.
  3. Thanks for your responses. Sorry for the confusion but I'd rather not name the cities. As of right now, it's not a sure thing but rather a gut feeling that I wouldn't accept an offer - I'm thinking ahead and planning for what could happen. I'm leaning towards one but not discounting the other and I don't think there's any reason not to do it unless I'd get blacklisted or something. But you're right, I read my post again and it does read like I wouldn't accept an offer at all - which is not true. I feel like I won't right now, and that could very well change after in-firms.
  4. Hey all, I'm doing recruits in two major Canadian cities. The schedule goes like this: OCI City A OCI City B In firm City A - offers made at end of week In firm City B I'm from City A and I go to school in City B and would rather stay in City B. Currently, I have 4 in-firms in City B and OCIs for City A haven't happened yet but will happen before the in-firms. I thought I'd accept a City A offer if I got one but now I don't think I would (obviously, I can't know until it happens but this is my gut feeling right now) - I've accepted my interviews and booked a flight so I'm doing them anyway. 3/4 firms in City A are national firms that I am also OCI-ing with in City B. I expect to get asked about why I'm applying to both but I have an answer prepared. I'm worried that if I turn down an offer from national firm in City A (if I should be so lucky to receive one), they will tell their sister office in City B and blow my shot at in in-firm there. I will not be saying first-choice during City A in-firm and I will be as honest as I can without saying "yeah. tbh I'd prefer City B" so I don't mislead anyone. This is complicated, but if anybody has experience with this I would very much appreciate it.
  5. I'd re-take. I got 160 first time around and then 165 second time and I got in first round. I had a 4.0 GPA but not from u of t!
  6. I had a 4.0GPA and a LSAT 160, then 165 but only with a BA and less ECs/other experience than you and I got in Jan admissions last year. They started calling Friday, wouldn't be surprised if you get a call this week! And definitely for Osgoode.
  7. Woaw so much interest in my shitty high school experience. SO the only mention of my mother as a doctoral candidate was in my personal statement where I mentioned growing up on the UBC campus, going to the elementary school on the campus, which was maybe two sentences in my general backstory as immigrant to Canada etc etc etc. It is possible my personal statement was poor, and that's what a lot of people have asked me when I shared this story, but a VERY similar personal statement got me a full ride to Dalhousie. I kept it relatively safe for my UBC personal statement so I don't remember writing anything outlandish. I was also applying to general arts, AND it was my first choice, AND I was accepted in the first wave of general science (which was my second choice). Like....imagine my shock, when a month and a half following my science offer, I check my application and see that I was rejected from arts. To this day, I cannot figure out what happened and am low key STILL bitter about it. Which is why I think my UBC curse may still hang over me.
  8. Thanks! I was hesitant to call because I'm..pretty much always hesitant to bother admissions people. My motto is submit it and leave it but I think I may, thank you! Daw33d, my LSAT was 165 - and I think that is below the median score, but only by a few points.
  9. Hello all! So basically, I didn't know about any of the UBC index score stuff until today and I quickly calculated mine and it's hanging around 92.6. I haven't received an offer yet so I am like ~~what is happening?!~~~ I applied mid-Nov, but my transcripts were going from all the way on the East Coast so they took a while to arrive. They were definitely in before the new year though. Time's a ticking and I am nervous and confused at this point. ANyone know what's going on? (The reason I'm nervous is because UBC has screwed me over once before. I went to high school in Vancouver, graduated with a 96% average and great ECs, AND my mother was a doctoral candidate at UBC at the time but I was full on was rejected for BA. So like, a repeat of history would be so scarring.)
  10. Thank you both for assuaging these damn nerves! I was able to answer all but one of the questions and I do think I understood them right! I asked her to repeat each question once or twice though. I'm hoping that getting a call this early on means they DO want me so fingers crossed I pass! I would be so okay with a french condition tho my french is pas bon. McGill's my top school but I already got into UofT and Osgoode so my life isn't over
  11. OOOOKay all, Here I am, in library, studying for an exam, after a pulling an all-nighter with my partner, when I get a call from McGill. I thought it was going to be "congrats u r in!!!" call. But nooooo, it is french interview and my heart sinks forever. I answered in awful franglais and basically ended with completely in English. I couldn't answer one question because I fully blanked out. Basically, it was a stuttering, incoherent, awful nightmare of an interview. How important is french test to admissions and should I basically give up on McGill now? (GPA 4.0/LSAT 165/Lots of extra-curriculars including interning at my province's law society)
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