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  1. It's a bit late but I was offered admission on May 11th by email. Stats: CGPA 3.91/4.0, L2: 3.99 (not including the recent semester) LSAT: 154, 157 Non-maritime and no mention of an interview. Hope this helps! Good luck to everyone! I know all too well how many of you feel
  2. I was accepted on the 23rd and just got mine today in Calgary.
  3. In this afternoon! So happy as U of C is one of my top choices! Stats: CGPA 3.91/4.0, L2: 3.99 LSAT: 154, 157 LORS: "Strong" and "very supportive" according to the two history profs who wrote them ECs/work: Naval Officer/Cadet Instructor, military museum docent, youth award group leader, and student advisor to the local historical society. I've been green circling for about two weeks now. Good luck to those still waiting! I know how it feels.
  4. Accepted Jan 13th. AGPA: 4.12 LSAT: 157 Index: 76.574 Good luck to those waiting!
  5. In this morning via email! CGPA: 3.91 L2: 3.99 LSAT: 154, 157
  6. Long time lurker, first time poster. I use to check these threads after each midterm during my first semester to make sure I still had the "GPA" to get into law school. Accepted on Dec 7th. Stats at the time: OLSAS CGPA: 3.84, L2: 3.91 LSAT: 154 Stronger ECs and work experience (accepted before my Dec. 2016 grades/LSAT so this may be why) LORs: "strong" and "very supportive" according to the two history profs who wrote them General I feel bad for the delay in posting this. This forum has been such a great inspiration/help for 0Ls!
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