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  1. When looking at grades, do big firms care about units? Or do they focus on the grade, despite it being worth 1 unit?
  2. what was your GPA on the last two?
  3. Neither school specialize in criminal law. Ottawa has a better legal market if that matters to you.
  4. we are still advised not to google.... for no good reason.
  5. lol another reason it shouldn't be worth anything and is, in fact, worth nothing.
  6. @TheScientist101 Making Mallet's course worth more than 1 credit is possibly the worst idea I've read on this page. I think it's obvious that Mallet's course (worth 1 credit rather than 3) is not a coincidence. The faculty knows how horrendous she is as a professor and because they cannot fire her for whatever reason, they have made her course worth almost nothing.
  7. This question is for upper year students. Should 1L students read everything they're assigned? How do I study smart rather than study hard? Any tips?
  8. will students be assigned readings on thursday (sept 7th) and friday?
  9. congratulations! what do you have a master's in?
  10. I agree. I also had a terrible experience with TD. They offered my 100k for just prime but they also tried a tied selling technique with life insurance. It's illegal and a complete joke. TD also makes you pay at least interest while you are a student, so you've dodged a bullet. Be happy they sucked cause at the end of the day you're better off with Scotia who offers at just prime plus no repayments until 2 years after graduation. TD can't match what scotia is offering. You're richer than you think
  11. can you elaborate? even tho TD is just prime?
  12. I can confirm all of this. which option do you think is better??
  13. that's a legitimate question... i wonder where the MA is from.
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