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  1. So I applied last cycle to Lakehead,Ottawa,Western, and Windsor (158 LSAT, 3.3 Cum Gpa, 3.5 L2) and have still not recieved a no (or yes) from any of these universities. I'm pretty certain Western and Ottawa will deny me but how long is it possible for them to wait on the decision? Am I just waitlisted? Ottawa and Lakehead said their still reviewing my application so theirs no transmission error. Thanks.
  2. I am a little confused as to the process of acquiring a reference letter from one of my professors. It's not convincing them to do it thats the issue, but rather what information I should provide them with. Is their any standard model that they must follow for writing one? Is their anything I can bring to them that would ease this process?
  3. To Windsor yes, but their acceptance policies are a complete mystery to me. Do you think it would be ill advised (i.e. crazy) to rewrite on a 168 and just aim for the sky? I consistently hit the 170's in timed practice runs and their may be a chance I can pull one off day of.
  4. Looking to only go to Ontario schools. U of T is certainly off the books along with Osgoode, how well do I stand a chance for Queens/Western/Ottawa? Thanks
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