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  1. I made the trip down during the past two days and BARELY managed to secure a place after walking around for 3+ hours in all areas surrounding the university.
  2. Yes, I looked and a bunch of one bedroom apartments/bachelor’s show up but when I actually call I’m told that they have no more units available
  3. Anyone else struggling to find a 1 BR or bach that's available for September 1st?
  4. Personally, my PT scores dipped once I started hitting prep tests 75+ and it was because I relied heavily on LR. I found it to be a little bit more difficult on the more recent tests.
  5. I just copy and pasted what he wrote to me through an email. It could be possible that he made a mistake on his end.
  6. I live in Toronto but I contacted a rep at Scotia near the university and he offered me the following: 135k line of credit at PRIME 2 year payment deferral after articling. No payments have to be made until two years after articling. Free unlimited bank account with unlimited e-mail money transfers 10k Credit limit for our premium credit cards, AMEX and/or VISA (fees waived on credit cards) 1k overdraft protection All I have to do is fill in the documents he sent me attached to the email. He didn't ask for a co-signer either. His contact can be found on the list of reps for PSLOC on the Scotia website near the University of Ottawa. I hope this helps a little bit.
  7. Hey, yeah it randomly started to work for me the next day (yesterday), I wasn't getting the invalid appointment date message anymore. I have enrolled in to my small group and thematic course now. Thanks for checking in!
  8. Yeah my uozone updated the day after I accepted my offer and paid my deposit. I think I may have to call them to resolve the issue unless I’m enrolling in to the blocks the wrong way. I didn’t receive an email or anything explaining how to do so.
  9. Yup, I paid my deposit but when I try to enroll in to a block it says that I don’t have an enrollment appointment and doesn’t allow me to proceed to step 3 after adding classes to my shopping cart. Has anyone been able to select their block and enroll after accepting their offer off the wait list?
  10. For those who have gotten in off the wait list, are we to pick our block on August 23rd? That's what my student centre says to me for my open enrollment date. I was wondering if its the same for you guys too.
  11. Thank you! My deadline to accept is July 31st. Edit: Deposits are due by July 24th otherwise the offer will be withdrawn. Also, the offer states that it can take 2-3 days for OUAC to update and another 3 working days for OUAC to relay the updates to Ottawa.
  12. ADMITTED!!! Just woke up and checked my uozone. So happy that I took the gamble of withdrawing my Windsor provisional acceptance. I was originally #18 on the waitlist. Sooooo happpy!
  13. Nice! You’re #12 right? For perspective I’m #18 and I’m still “final waitlist.”
  14. July 3rd was just the deadline for which provisional acceptances become firm. OLSAS usually takes one business day to update and then I’m not sure how long it takes for Ottawa’s systems to update. So there’s definitely some buffer time in between for all systems to communicate with each other.
  15. I've given up my spot in favour of another school. I hope it goes to one of you on here, good luck!
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