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  1. Did BC really need another law school? We have three.
  2. Got the waitlisted email from Doreen. No Sask. connection. B2: 3.87/4.3 LSAT: 158 I have been accepted to TRU, so I won't be asking to be waitlisted. Good luck to the rest of you posters.
  3. I will be removing myself from the wait list as I committed to TRU today.
  4. All posted on UsedVictoria.com, here is the link: http://www.usedvictoria.com/p/dylanspecter
  5. Rejected on April 13th cGPA 3.4 L3 3.67 (4.33 scale) LSAT 158
  6. Accepted today! WOW! cGPA 3.4 L3 3.67 (4.33 scale) LSAT 158 I will be accepting, good luck to everyone still waiting!
  7. Thanks pal. Maybe TRU? You get an email with a PDF attached.
  8. Thanks everyone, appreciate the kind words. Completed green on Jan 9th. Rejected today.
  9. i'll start this up: Rejected this morning cGPA 3.4 L3: 3.67 L2: 3.7 LSAT: 143, 158
  10. I'm going to straight up assume that most schools are waiting for the Feb LSAT results. A lot of schools have been dead silent for weeks.
  11. quiet monday today, on to tomorrow
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