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  1. scoobysnacks

    received confirmation of acceptance email?

    Yeah I got one, maybe email them if you haven’t gotten one by next week
  2. scoobysnacks

    received confirmation of acceptance email?

    Deposits are due on June 1
  3. scoobysnacks

    Getting involved in queen’s clinics in 1L

    That sounds really cool! How many 1L volunteers were there working for legal aid? What types of files would be most common? When babysitting a file, do you mean that they were just doing a bit of paperwork here and there? Thanks for all the info guys
  4. what would a typical first year schedule look like? 5-7 hours of class/ day?
  5. scoobysnacks

    Rejected UofT 2018

    B3: ~3.75 LSAT: 165 (dec 2017) Got the email just now, not really surprised. Good luck to all of those on the waitlist!
  6. scoobysnacks

    Getting involved in queen’s clinics in 1L

    I’m assuming there’s some sort of club day/ week where we can go talk to people who are part of or run the clubs? Any suggestions on clubs to look into?
  7. scoobysnacks

    Getting involved in queen’s clinics in 1L

    Thanks for the info! You make working for the clinics sound really interesting. I’ll definitely take a look those
  8. Hey guys, I’m going to be starting 1L in September, and was wondering if 1L students can volunteer at clinics. Is it a good idea to do so, or is the time commitment too much? I really liked the community vibe during welcome day; it really made me excited not only for law school, but also to get involved in the law school community
  9. scoobysnacks

    Chances? GPA 3.61/4.0 LSAT 165

    Cheers guys
  10. scoobysnacks

    Ask a 1L — 2018 Edition

    How do intensives work at osgoode? I see that western and uottawa, for example, have the month of january dedicated to one course. Does it work the same way at osgoode?
  11. scoobysnacks

    Accepted to Queen's 2018

    Just got the email! General applicant, B2 3.83 (cgpa 3.61), 165 LSAT (wrote Dec 2017, only write), decent extracurriculars, BSc, MSc
  12. scoobysnacks

    In Queue 2018

    Went into the queue on Jan 10 165 (edit: Dec 2017, only write), 3.61/4.0
  13. scoobysnacks

    Accepted to Western 2018

    Definitely today, I checked at around 10 this morning and there was nothing, so it had to be sometime between 12 and 3 (EST)
  14. scoobysnacks

    Accepted to Western 2018

    No email yet, but I have an offer in my student account! General applicant, decent extracurriculars, science undergrad, MSc (4.0/4.0), strong LORs (maybe?) 165 LSAT (wrote Dec 2017, only write), Not sure which GPA is most useful: CGPA 3.61, B3/L3 3.75, B2 3.83, L2, 3.77 edit: Last name W
  15. scoobysnacks

    Ontario OLSAS - Future LSAT dates

    From what I understand, you should keep your OLSAS updated by deleting the February test date if you decide not to write it. In addition Some schools, ask that you email them to update them regarding any changes to your LSAT registrations