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  1. Got a fairly late offer to be put on the waitlist, because of a delay in official May marks. I'm declining because I already got an offer which I accepted from the U of A. My stats are 3.5 / 161 Strong research background, but no Sask connection.
  2. Admitted. Going to be declining in favour of being accepted at home. Best of luck to everyone still waiting!
  3. Well myself and some other engineering students got in a few weeks ago. Normal to good LSAT scores, but weaker than usual GPAs. You can see in the admissions thread from mid April. For me, I had a confirmed GPA of 3.4, though it's 3.5 after this last term, and an LSAT score average of 161. I assume that I got the spot because I'm not in arts and have formal research experience.
  4. If it says accepted on beartracks you should be good. Considering I got my acceptance before winter grades came out (with no provisional condition) winter grades shouldn't have any impact on your application.
  5. Yeah could be. By the way I'll be taking myself off since I got in at U of A. Just waiting for all the paperwork to clear to be safe!
  6. I got my letter today. I was admitted on the 12th, have until the 3rd to accept.
  7. ​Thanks! I was hoping that it would be here sooner since I live in Edmonton, but maybe this just means I should email Heather again in a week if it still isn't here.
  8. Does anyone know how fast it takes to get your package in the mail after getting the email? Also if anyone was wondering, the admissions rep said beartracks would be updated early this week.
  9. 3.4 161 Current U of A student in BioSci. Extensive research and EC experience.
  10. Just got an email today! Will be accepting!
  11. Last year it took 3 weeks from the creation of the waitlist for offers to come out. ​It's three weeks tomorrow. Personally wouldn't start worrying until next week. Stuff can always be delayed.
  12. Similar boat as you (75.9) so hoping for an email soon!
  13. Hm. Still waiting on that verification of December LSAT scores. ​With that, my index score should be good enough. ​I guess we'll wait and see!
  14. ​I read in a previous thread that the index cutoff for the December admissions cycle was 75.648. I'm up to 115 credit hours now, so I get 10 dropped courses. That puts me at a scaled GPA of 3.76. LSAT was a 161 so therefore an index score of 75.9444... Should I be safe?
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