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  1. Jdean1023

    OCI Prospects for Potential Transfer

    Ah okay, gotcha. Thanks for that. I was not aware.
  2. Jdean1023

    OCI Prospects for Potential Transfer

    That would explain why OP may receive less OCIs than students at Osgoode with comparable grades but it does not explain why OP may receive less OCIs than students at Western with comparable grades.
  3. Jdean1023

    1L Grades and 2L Recruitment Advice

    Perfectly valid point, I refrained from specifying which club and committees for the reason you stated, it'd be pretty clear who I was if I did hahah but I will say they are applicable to my interests of law, they compliment my resume and I was cognizant of that when choosing my extracurriculars.
  4. Jdean1023

    1L Grades and 2L Recruitment Advice

    Coffee's, cold calls, firm tours, etc. how influential would you say that is? Obviously it can't hurt but would doing these things be worthwhile if it comes at the cost of taking days off at my Sumer job? I've looked into all the open houses and what not and they all take place during the week. Though I don't plan on staying at the firm I'm at now long term, I also want to be somewhat professional/respectful and not take days off working there to go to firm tours/networking events.
  5. Jdean1023

    1L Grades and 2L Recruitment Advice

    I think that's really where I'm trying to place my disappointment, focus those energies on trying to perfect the non-graded part of my application. Key is to avoid being discouraged, I mean I can't/shouldn't be disappointed yet, Thanks for the advice!
  6. Jdean1023

    1L Grades and 2L Recruitment Advice

    Thanks I appreciate that! Yeah, I mean it is what is, I can't change the grades. But I did manage to land a 1L summer job at a smaller law firm in Southwest Ontario (about 25 lawyers) so I'm hoping that experience plus being president of a club/member of 2 committee's can help me out a bit! but you're right, I think now I should just focus on bolstering my resume. I think in part what I also meant to ask, is will firms even look at my resume given my transcript?
  7. Hey everyone, I have a specific question (why I'm not simply referring to previous threads). Based on my 1L transcript, how detrimental are the two B-s if I aspire to summer on Bay? While a B-, regardless of subject, is not good, are B-s in crim and public that bad? Phrased differently, will firms see "B-" and not care what subject it came from or will they take into account that they're pub and crim (areas I won't be practicing in at all). I posted the rest of my grades just to provide some context. Again, I know grades as a collective matter and a B-, especially 2, are not good any way you spin it. I'm just looking to see how deep of a hole I'm in. Thanks! Property: A- Torts: B+ Intro to Legal Skills: B+ Contracts: B Constitutional: B Criminal: B- Public law: B- GPA: 3.12
  8. Jdean1023

    OSAP Application Timeline

    I received confirmation literally 24 hours after submitting my application (Submitted June 25 heard back June 26) granted all my information was accurate so maybe that's why yours is taking as long as it is? Regardless, early May was a while ago I'd definitely shoot them another call.
  9. Jdean1023

    Accepted to Queen's 2017

    Only electronic (email) mate.
  10. Jdean1023

    Ask a 1L!

    And I too am choosing Queens over Osgoode
  11. Jdean1023

    Ask a 1L!

    Tried joining the Facebook group for this very reason, however it's been "pending approval" for weeks lol any way I can gain approval?
  12. Jdean1023

    Firm Accepting

    but are they gang? (play on the username for those unfamiliar)
  13. Jdean1023

    Accepted to Queen's 2017

    Accepted today!!! cGPA: 3.65 L2: 3.78ish LSAT: 154 ,162 ECs: probably average
  14. Jdean1023

    Next offers?

  15. Jdean1023

    Waitlisted at Osgoode 2017

    Your stats are nearly identical to mine (154/162 LSAT but same OLSAS gpa) and I got accepted in early January but you got accepted (crept your profile) into Queens and Western and I've heard nothing from either. Seems admissions are unpredictable..