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  1. Anyone know about Lindsay Kenney?
  2. Rejected today via email. CGPA: 3.14 L2: 3.71 LSAT 160.
  3. Have any of you stayed at the apartments on 5713 Victoria Road via North Point Property Management?
  4. Lol just wanted to see who supports which NHL team around here. I am an incoming Habs fan from Vancouver, starting 1L this September. I am assuming there is a diverse group of NHL fans at Dal? Also, any good sports bars in Halifax?
  5. which other sports teams are there? is there soccer, football or hockey?
  6. Oh alright, thanks! I just want to know ASAP so I know which school I will be attending lol.
  7. So anxious. Anybody think/know whether there will be anymore offers sent out soon?
  8. Got my waitlist consideration email last week, too. Will not be asking to be wait listed as I got into Dalhousie. Good luck to all! EDIT: cGPA: 3.20; L2: 3.71; LSAT 160. No Sask. connection.
  9. I will not be paying the June 1 deposit, so that will open up another spot. Good luck to all!
  10. I emailed her last week too and she said that they're sending offers until early June.
  11. out of curiosity, what school did you reject them for?
  12. I still haven't made a decision. but for some reason, Dal is attracting me towards it more than U of A is. But thanks for all the input!
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