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  1. Did you get an email or was it on the site? I’ve been referred forever and I just wanna know
  2. I feel like some of these are lies. I found something similar in a ryerson thread lol
  3. You definitely have a shot in Ontario.
  4. Yes, it is possible. Look through the threads of all schools and you’ll see people getting in with 2.5-3.0 cgpas
  5. I asked tru about this (where I was accepted) and they said there would be no impact. I imagine it would be the same with Calgary. I’m also hoping for an Ontario school!
  6. Can I ask what do you mean by point? They do a point system when looking at applications? I wonder what mine is
  7. Thanks for letting me know I appreciate what the mods do!
  8. Ok this is why I have trust issues with this site...why in the world do you have these stats and in another thread you have a cgpa of 3.1 and lsat score of 161? Some people really need to be called out for this.
  9. this is accurate. got approved for my loan @ scotiabank
  10. Can any females chime in about practicing law and leaving temporarily to have children? I am worried about this - starting law school in my late 20's means that, probably right after law school, I will plan on starting a family. Wondering about how this will impact my future career, especially since I want to work in biglaw.
  11. It seems like you're set on dual! is this your top choice? did you apply single?
  12. You should post more of your story! Many people here say it's very hard to transfer out of Dual.
  13. Yes, you can work full-time. The P1 exam isn't HARD, you just need to know how to organize your material. Tab it properly. Know where everything is. My friend and I created an index (took a week between both of us) that was very useful during the exam. If you know where everything is, you don't need to "study" - you just need to find things. Personally, I found the P1 exam easy (but draining); I had about 30 min left for the first part and 1 hour left for the second part. My friends found the opposite of this true (ran out of time). I think the key was really organizing my material. I brought 1 large bound LSO book, then another one where I divided it between legal topic, and then my index. I already made my own little "book" with quick information - charts, SAB, etc that I could refer too, this also helped. But find what works for you. Too much material may confuse someone else. There is the Ontario Paralegal Association you can join. If you are a graduate, but not licensed, you can be a legal assistant and perhaps they may hire you as a law clerk (working under the supervision of a lawyer). In my experience, they all want experience, so I've been working as an assistant. It seems most jobs start that way.
  14. Thank you for contacting them. This is good to know.
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