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  1. Anyone here over 30 or in their 30's and applied to law school and got in? I would love to discuss your experience! Especially Canadians who are in Canadian law schools!
  2. Hello LSAT Gods, LSAT TABLET: If you've taken the LSAT on the new tablet style can you please drop some details on the experience, what's allowed, what's not allowed, and the details about taking this test on a tablet? LSAT FLEX: What's this test like, and how does it differ than the regular LSAT on a tablet? I would appreciate as much detail as possible. Thank you
  3. I just checked online and it's pricey so it's a good thing to ask if it's worth it! I'm wondering the same as you.
  4. Thank you everyone, so kind of you to share your opinions!
  5. If you have an LSAT schedule that rocked your results please share. Material: LSAT bible (all 3 books) and many test questions. Plan: If you have insight or ideas that worked for you with regards to an LSAT schedule that can create a solid foundation and build on it strong please share. I plan to take the August or September LSAT.
  6. I am going to self-study. I believe the most important thing for me to learn is TIMING. I need to establish ways to determine the answers within or at the 1 minute and 25 second mark. I don't see the value in taking a diagnostic test. So it points that I am weak or strong at certain sections, this will change based on studying hard. I just don't see the point. What are your thoughts on this?
  7. Thank you, I appreciate you answering this question. What are your thoughts on studying for 3 months, as in now until the June test?
  8. Question for you: Is it that more people with 4 year degrees apply and get in? What I mean is, unless we know how many with a 3 year apply vs people with a 4 year, how can we possibly know? The standard of having a 4 year honors is based on the fact that the majority who apply have a 4 year. Does that make sense?
  9. That's so helpful, thank you so much!
  10. Thank you that's quite helpful. My school has stated that a cumulative between 80-84 is an -A and a 3.7 GPA, and that's after 3 years of courses. I can do an extra year of school to get my 4 year honors which may move my GPA by 1% lol
  11. How did you learn to calculate it? I'm going by what my University says it is shown below: A- 80-84 3.7
  12. I'm going by what my University says: A- 80-84 3.7
  13. I understand why you think some people wouldn't "need" a prep course, but I don't believe that's a logical approach when it can only enhance your skills anyway. I have heard many people say "x course was such a waste of money...just self-study", but these same people don't have scores I want to achieve. I am looking to increase my odds of scoring high, thus self-study, when I have never taken the test, is not the best method in my opinion. Thoughts?
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