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  1. UPDATE: I've implemented the triage method along with reviewing my DTOC almost everyday since last Tuesday. I've also shifted my focus to the DTOC, while only using my indices for questions I literally have no clue where they might be or if I blanked as to the location in the materials. In addition, I take every few days off from timed practicing. Instead, I scan/read sections that I have more difficulty with and locate what key term/phrases are used in my index. I find this helps me stay fresh for continuous days of PT'ing. I also review the PR section, which I find helps me answer PR questions without needing to refer to the materials. I have scored consistently above 88% for the last few practice exams and have cut my time down to approximately 1.2-1.3min/question. So I just want to reiterate the advice that was given here and what has worked for me: 1. Triage the questions 2. Rely primarily on one tool (whether it be your DTOC or index) 3. Review YMMV.
  2. Thank you! I see now that the consensus is to apply this triage technique (for good reason).
  3. i found the canbar questions poorly written, almost as if someone ran it through Google Translator (at least the crim ones). i suppose it helped with looking things up
  4. Been doing questions all day using this strat, I've shaved off about an average of 30s per question! I find it helps keep my rhythm and helps avoid getting stuck/obsessive with a single question. Thank you!!!!
  5. Old Emond questions (not like it matters as they haven't even updated them lmfao) and Bar Exam Crackers (these are pretty good but feel a bit easier). I plan to buy the OLE ones but I'm going to save that for a full exam write before the actual exam (since you only get one attempt). How about you?
  6. Just wanted to echo what adVenture said. I followed his advice last year and I ended up with multiple offers within a couple months, YMMV.
  7. Exercise helps a lot to manage stress! To OP, I would suggest implementing some sort exercise with a social aspect too, if you feel a bit isolated. I started riding with a local club and it was a great experience
  8. Hi everyone, I started doing practice questions by section and have completed about 100 for both Civil and Crim. I'm finding that it takes me over an additional minute per q to find the answers in my materials, both by looking up key words from the index/DTOC. I'm consistently only getting ~80% of the questions correct even though it takes me significantly more time. Does anyone have advice to increase my speed? Or should I just trust the process and do more questions in hopes that I'll get faster? Thanks
  9. Late July of 2017 iirc. It was a bit later, however I lived in Calgary at the time.
  10. Does Stikes traditionally send out ITCs?
  11. Looks similar to mine but I was waitlisted and wasn't accepted until later in the cycle
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