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  1. Does Stikes traditionally send out ITCs?
  2. Looks similar to mine but I was waitlisted and wasn't accepted until later in the cycle
  3. Hi there, Articling recruit is coming up and I am looking at a few firms that specialize in litigation. Is there anything I can do this summer or in my application to reconcile my crappy mark with my interest? Thank you!
  4. The majority of students/lawyers I have met in Ontario (mainly people from Osgoode, Toronto, Western, Windsor, and Queen's) have either been nice or beyond helpful. I'm from Calgary and was worried a bit moving across the country, but it's been a great experience thus far.
  5. Sorry forgot to reply! Yep, I applied this cycle. My application went complete about 2 weeks ago. A friend who applied and got his application completed after mine heard back earlier though, so that's strange. I'm assuming I've probably been rejected if they've already passed through my application.
  6. Not a problem, thanks for letting me know. False confidence will only hold me back from improving my application for next cycle. We do have very similar stats, so I have decided to postpone my last LSAT to June, hopefully this way I can make a more significant jump in my score for the next cycle of admissions. Congrats on your acceptance!
  7. If you don't mind me asking, how long did you hear back after you went green circle/file complete?
  8. Health science major with a one year master's in biotechnology (FWIW gGPA is 3.77 so at least it shows an upwards trend?) both from U of C and would like to go into IP (mentioning this as it is what I focused in my PS). Relatively strong ECs (a couple executive positions in successful clubs, plenty of research, and random volunteering opportunities at hospitals) and letters of recommendations. Trying to get an idea if it would be worth it to take February to attempt to increase chances at other schools.
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