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  1. Hi, What is the best color-codding system to use for covering the bar exam material? Essentially, what should I be highlighting or writing in the margins? I don't want to write the exam and have trouble finding the relevant information. Best, FP
  2. Just a general thread to have an idea on what 1st year Associate salaries are like at large, mid-size, small firms in Ottawa and in Toronto. Any information is helpful.
  3. Around what time will judges make decisions on the applicants they would like to interview for the FC and the FCA?
  4. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone would happen to know what are the minimum grade requirements to consider applying for a clerkship in Ontario. My grades ranged from B+'s to A's in 1L, except for a B in contracts. Wondering if my grades would allow me to apply for clerking come January.
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