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  1. When is tuition due? Do incoming students need to pay some sort of a deposit when enrolling in courses (aside from the $400 admission deposit)? Thanks everyone.
  2. What do you mean by “be quick on the draw?” Is there some sort of lottery system for course selection? Do most people rush to register as soon as the system opens up?
  3. How can I avoid that? How often does that happen?
  4. Do the first year English courses fill up fast? I’m worried about having to take a course in French in my first year if I don’t want to.
  5. I am thinking about McGill but I am worried that a LLB instead of a JD will hurt because some people don’t know what a LLB is anymore. I know lawyers know what it is, but the general public often does not which will be a problem if I want to open my own law office or work in another country. Is this a real concern?
  6. Accepted. 3.91 GPA / 160 LSAT. Still waiting for other acceptances before I make up my mind.
  7. Is McGill ever going to switch from LLB to JD? Since every other common law school has made the switch, pretty soon nobody (except lawyers) will know what a LLB is anymore.
  8. TaylorR14


    I have a 160 LSAT, and a stronger CGPA than I had last year (up to 3.9/4.0). I’m looking to apply next cycle. What are my chances? How much will my low LSAT score hurt me? Decent ECs and French skills.
  9. Where can I find the accepted medians for the Ontario law schools for the cycle that just ended? I looked on the Osgoode and Queen’s websites that they still have the previous year’s stats, and I don’t know where to find stats for the other schools. Thanks everyone!
  10. When will the law schools post this year's median LSATs and GPAs? Any predictions for what the Ontario law schools' medians are from this cycle?
  11. My university offers 9 credit courses, which are full-year courses. Will the law schools weigh this as one full course, or one course and a half? Will there be issues with my undergrad courseload because of this (it will look like I did not take a full course load). I took 2 of these 9 credit courses. Should I call and check or am I overthinking this?
  12. L2 is 3.75. I was strongest in my first year.
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