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  1. Saw a lawyer's profile describe him as both gold and silver medalist: http://www.milesdavison.com/lawyers/peter-leveque/ Just curious- how does that work? This never happened at my law school.
  2. Don't have a q of my own, but just wanted to say... Congrats on finishing 1L, Lyricaltoast!
  3. Hey dhff, Sorry to hear about your mental health struggles. You haven't given us a single reason you'd be interested in law (and described your first impression of legal practice as "tedious"). Could you see yourself doing it through law school & the rest of your life? Also worth considering: the job market's tough (a fair number of my classmates graduated without jobs). Law school, articling, and law practice are all highly stressful and competitive experiences, even for students without pre-existing conditions. Would this exacerbate your depression? (which, as I understand it, is already worsening?) The most important exams in law school are your first-year exams in April, and those are usually 3-hr exams worth 100% of your grade. Your grades are also curved against all your classmates'. This adds to the stress. Hope this helps a bit. Wishing you all the best.
  4. Hey, quick tip-- every Queen's Law student can request an upper-year tutor by emailing Helen Connop. The school pays the tutor, not you. It's a VERY helpful resource!
  5. Haha. One of my friends legitimately contemplating dropping out after 1L when he didn't make the Dean's List. He got hired way before I did (and deservedly so). Waste of a summer agonizing over something that wasn't quite as life-changing as he thought, poor guy.
  6. Also, FYI for future students-- it's still the same notification system as in 1L (email/letter from Dean Flanagan). System hasn't changed. EDIT: For those anxious 1Ls who might be upset at missing the cut-off: It's not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things. I had just as many (or perhaps more) failures as people who didn't make the 1L Dean's List, come OCI time. And Dean's List was more of a vanity project in 3L, since people were generally employed by then. TL;DR- Congrats if you made it; don't sweat it if you don't.
  7. Can also confirm Dean's List went out for 3Ls. 3.72 was sufficient.
  8. Yes. I dealt with Homestead primarily as well.
  9. Thanks barelylegal! I was notified previously for both of the above, but perhaps they've switched back to the old system as of late?
  10. Hey friend! Same boat as you. Were you at QL all year, or did you go on exchange for a semester?
  11. Edit: If Dean's List notifications have indeed come out, I'd also love to know what GPAs were/weren't sufficient this year. Thank you!
  12. Hello all! Does anyone know whether Dean's List and course prize notifications have gone out for 3Ls? @barelylegal Update: We rec'd our final grades over 2 weeks ago, and I'm afraid my grades this year might put me on the brink of making the DL. I had A-s in practically every course, ending with a gpa just above 3.7 for the year. Trying not to think about it, but can't wait to have some closure either way!
  13. Can confirm all of the above-- all 3 of the above things twins mentioned were also relevant to me at some point.
  14. Oops sorry, just PM'd you-- you were one of the people I really hoped would reply. Thanks so much!!
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