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  1. Contracts: Gelinas and Dedek are both excellent. Torts: Avoid Ellis. The other two are fine. Criminal Justice: They're all good. Note that Jouet teaches more theoretically; he's American so he's not as acquainted with the Criminal Code as, for example, Klein. Constitutional: Take Sheppard if you can!! Amazing human being. Fantastic professor. Great marker. Just a sweetheart overall.
  2. 1. Your chances are decently good. You're below median for GPA but above for LSAT. 2. Yup, but keep in mind that even the biggest merit scholarships won't come close to covering international tuition. 3. No. If you take all your classes in English, you can do well without any knowledge of French. In 1L at least, the profs rarely speak French if at all in the English sections and the exams are completely in English. But lack of French knowledge might hinder you in other ways, such as with extra-curriculars.
  3. Accepted! 3.98 cGPA, 167 LSAT Pretty weak ECs (imo) but solid PS and great reference letters (I hope). I'm proficient in French so I didn't get a French interview.
  4. I got one with my admissions offer.
  5. Accepted! 3.98 cGPA 167 LSAT Weak softs but (I think) strong letters of recommendation and essays. Good luck on those still waiting!
  6. Accepted! 3.98 cGPA 167 LSAT Weak softs but hopefully strong personal statement. I wrote one optional essay. Good luck on those still waiting!
  7. Hey, I was wondering to what extent we should write about our French ability if we're writing our PS in English. My transcript will show all the French courses I took in uni but I was wondering if I should include a few sentences about my French ability in my PS?
  8. Hi guys, I'm currently going into my fourth year of undergrad with a 3.98 cGPA (out of 4). I'm planning on taking the September LSAT and the average for my last few PTs (5 sectioned, timed with bubbling and in the morning) is 167 with 169 being my most recent. I'm planning to apply to McGill and broadly in Ontario with my top choice being McGill. From what I understand, the general sentiment of this forum seems to be that ECs are not very important when it comes to law school applications. However, I noticed that a few weeks ago, Ryn put out a new admissions predictor stating that cGPA and LSAT only contributes 35%-60% of one's chances and that got me worried. Most of my extracurriculars are concentrated in my first two years and they are, in my opinion, not exceptional. After my second year, the bulk of my extracurriculars has been research which, without a scientific paper published, doesn't seem very impressive. Am I worrying too much for nothing? Do extracurriculars actually matter a whole lot? I prefer not to start any this semester since it probably won't seem genuine and won't, in fact, be genuine. Any advice? PS If I have too much identifying information, please let me know.
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