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  1. Regarding the FCC, I’ve heard that the process is almost over. Offers still going out.
  2. I’ve heard a lot of firms say that they’re looking for strong candidates who have a demonstrated interested in the firm. In other words, they want candidates who explicitly show that the firm is their number one choice. Sometimes it’s just a matter of not being quite as clear on that as someone else. In a competitive market like Ottawa where you’ve got 18-20 in-firm candidates for 2-5 positions, something as silly as explicitly saying the firm is your top choice is enough. It’s also sometimes a matter of finding a fit with the interviewers. I think it’s much more of a “fit” evaluation during the in-firm than about the qualifications. Every student there is qualified and brings in different kinds and levels of experience. The firms are looking at whether they can see themselves working with the students. Something as little as how you introduce yourself can throw an interviewer off. Needless to say that unless your interview skills are truly sub-par, it was likely something silly that made the difference between you and someone else. I second the comment about checking in with the career development office for feedback and tips. As for what happens next, keep working hard at school and outside of school and prove them why you’re worth hiring. Your opportunity is coming.
  3. Selon ce que j’ai pu constater, la cour fédérale et la cour fédérale d’appels ont commencé à inviter des candidats. J’ai entendu parler des juges Diner, Crampton et je crois Boswell. Semblerait qu’il est toujours tôt dans la processus. Pour ce qui est de la CFA, j’ai vu les noms Gauthier et Stratas. Pour les deux autres cours, j’ai su que des invitations ont été envoyées, mais je n’ai pas plus de détails.
  4. Thanks! I didn’t expect such a detailed answer. I didn’t get any materials to read for the interview, but I did read up on cases the judge has decided and further into their area of speciality. That’s on top of research on the court and jurisdiction, etc. Fingers crossed!
  5. Got a call from the FC yesterday. Any tips for the interview?
  6. Thanks! Such an inefficient way of selling the books...if only my profs had written that in the syllabus instead of “the campus bookstore”.
  7. Where is the law bookstore? I can’t seem to find it online.
  8. Offers for 2L transfer to uOttawa have started to go out. I know someone who just got one.
  9. Granted I've only completed 1L and have a ways to go before I begin my career, I didn't think it necessary to know what stream of law I would want to practice. I think it makes sense, in a perfect world, to know from the get-go so that you can take more courses that interest you. I approached 1L with the idea that anything could end up interesting me and was naturally attracted towards corporate (probably because of my business undergrad) and criminal law. I'm going towards those in upper year. Besides, in 1L, all of my courses were mandatory anyway. I'm not sure if you have started school yet or if you are applying, but I wouldn't worry about it too much. You won't be prevented from practicing sports law just because you didn't take sports law as a course. hope that helps!
  10. I had a 3.39 CGPA in undergrad with a downward trend (probably closer to 2.8-3.0 in my last year). I got a 161 and a 165 on the LSAT and was accepted early to Queen's and Western (I'm going into 2L at Queen's). I did apply to the access category for Western though. My bet would be that you'd want to aim for the low to mid 160's at least, unless you have extenuating factors that can help justify the lower marks.
  11. I just got the notification via email. Weird that they do both mail and email...
  12. By mail do you mean actual physical mail? or email?
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