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  1. SeniorLopez247

    2L Summer (2019) Recruit PFOs/ITCs

    McMillan OCI - September 25th (uOttawa)
  2. SeniorLopez247

    2L Summer (2019) Recruit PFOs/ITCs

    Fasken OCI - sept 18th (uOttawa)
  3. SeniorLopez247

    Books for 1L

    Thanks! Such an inefficient way of selling the books...if only my profs had written that in the syllabus instead of “the campus bookstore”.
  4. SeniorLopez247

    Books for 1L

    Where is the law bookstore? I can’t seem to find it online.
  5. SeniorLopez247

    2L Summer (2019) Recruit PFOs/ITCs

    PFO Davies (uOttawa) - September 4th
  6. SeniorLopez247

    2L Transfers

    Offers for 2L transfer to uOttawa have started to go out. I know someone who just got one.
  7. SeniorLopez247

    Deciding a direction in law

    Granted I've only completed 1L and have a ways to go before I begin my career, I didn't think it necessary to know what stream of law I would want to practice. I think it makes sense, in a perfect world, to know from the get-go so that you can take more courses that interest you. I approached 1L with the idea that anything could end up interesting me and was naturally attracted towards corporate (probably because of my business undergrad) and criminal law. I'm going towards those in upper year. Besides, in 1L, all of my courses were mandatory anyway. I'm not sure if you have started school yet or if you are applying, but I wouldn't worry about it too much. You won't be prevented from practicing sports law just because you didn't take sports law as a course. hope that helps!
  8. SeniorLopez247

    what lsat score do i need to compensate for my low grades?

    I had a 3.39 CGPA in undergrad with a downward trend (probably closer to 2.8-3.0 in my last year). I got a 161 and a 165 on the LSAT and was accepted early to Queen's and Western (I'm going into 2L at Queen's). I did apply to the access category for Western though. My bet would be that you'd want to aim for the low to mid 160's at least, unless you have extenuating factors that can help justify the lower marks.
  9. SeniorLopez247

    1L 2017-2018 Dean's Honour List?

    I just got the notification via email. Weird that they do both mail and email...
  10. SeniorLopez247

    1L 2017-2018 Dean's Honour List?

    By mail do you mean actual physical mail? or email?
  11. SeniorLopez247

    1L 2017-2018 Dean's Honour List?

    thanks! That’s what I figured. I was wondering whether the awards would show up in time for applications.
  12. SeniorLopez247

    1L 2017-2018 Dean's Honour List?

    Have people been notified about the Dean's Honour list for 1L? If so, what was the cut-off?
  13. SeniorLopez247

    Queen's 1L grades - propsects for OCIs?

    Honestly wasn't trying to brag! The 4.0 scale to me is weird and foreign. But by the sound of it, I don't have much to worry about. Also, I've heard that NY jobs require top marks, and I have no idea what exactly that means!
  14. SeniorLopez247

    Queen's 1L grades - propsects for OCIs?

    The reason I asked is that everyone in law school is used to getting good grades, that's why most of us get in. I don't know what an "average" 1L student gets - the curve is not perfectly correlated with actual GPAs. Also, my undergrad GPA was a converted 3.39 - hardly spectacular - which is why a 3.64 to me sounds foreign. Anyway, thanks for the feedback!
  15. Hi guys, So 1L was quite an experience, and overall, I am happy with how it played out at Queen's. In terms of grades, here is what I got: Intro to Legal Skills : B+ Torts: B+ Property: B+ Criminal: A- Public: A Constitutional: A Contracts: A My CGPA is 3.64, which was brought down a bit by ILS. I'm definitely happy with my grades, but I just don't know what to expect since law school grades are relative to others and I haven't spoken to anyone else in my class since leaving Kingston. I was wondering what my chances are for OCIs, targeting corporate commercial. Looking at Bay Street or Ottawa, maybe NYC if feasible. All thoughts or comments are appreciated!