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  1. Okay thanks! I got the actual email + the new 4am one today for some reason.
  2. Did anyone else sign up yesterday, then receive another email at 4am asking them to register?
  3. I'm wondering if any previous Bar takers have any advice on which indices to use. I have the OLE indices but U of T students also kindly shared their indices with all law students. There are also other commercial ones out there. I'm not sure how I should go about figuring out which is the "best" one.
  4. I also received the link right away, but they are not available yet (just checked). All that is available is a "Sample Exam" which is not many questions. It says on the website when the exams will be available.
  5. I am surprised the indices are not out yet, but it says on the website (and has the whole time) that the practice tests wont be available until late June/early July.
  6. For those who wrote the postponed March Solicitor exam online this week, what was your experience like?
  7. Thank you very much for doing this! The indices look great. I see there was a large number of students involved, were some people responsible for updating/building the indices, while others were responsible for reviewing them? Haven't seen any errors so far.
  8. I'm in the same boat. Still think OLE was worth it because apparently the practice exams are good, but not sure if I am going to use their indices or the ones provided here.
  9. What is the main difference between the popular practice exam options and the real thing? Is it the question length, difficulty, etc?
  10. Haven't received the indices either. I remember seeing they wouldn't be out until "Late May", so maybe we'll get them this week.
  11. Do you recommend waiting to get the materials bound then? This way you can figure out the best possible tabbing scheme for yourself then only bind after that is determined?
  12. Thank you. Did you tab the main materials at all? (whether it be by chapter or page #)
  13. I've seen discussions in the past on this and the consensus seems to be to bind each section separately (ie. Family Law, Criminal Law, etc). However, I did not see much on how people organized their indices and table of contents. Did people find it helpful to bind their indices separately (by section) just like the main materials, or did they just have one big index for each exam? Also curious if people tabbed their indices by letter or just left them as they were. Thanks!
  14. I hear WeirFolds and Blaneys have a pretty quick turnaround. I know it's early but may as well get this started.. anyone hear anything? (interviews or even just a confirmation they received the application)
  15. Hey I'm an incoming 1L and noticed something about my Student Center online. Under "My Academics" I clicked on "My Program" and it reads the following: Institution: University of Western Ontario Career: Professional (Year 2) Program: Faculty of Law Degree- JD Law How come I am listed as "Year 2" when I'm an incoming 1L. Was just wondering if this is common or if it's an error in the system. Thanks!
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