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  1. For the fee you can see it is paid as it gets removed from your outstanding invoices. But no response for submitting the documents. Considering the importance would be nice to get a response. Too bad these documents couldn't be submitted through the portal as they usually respond there.
  2. Thank you, got it as well. Hope the Administrative Call goes smoothly for everyone!
  3. For those getting called this May/June/July, have you been invoiced the Call to the Bar fee yet? LSO said it will invoiced in "late April", just curious if anyone received it since we're in May now.
  4. Does anyone know how strict the Articling timelines are? ie. If you undertook to article for 10 months, and 10 months from your start date lands on a weekend, do you need to article 1-additional business day? I'm guessing there is leeway but just wanted to confirm how strict the "10 months" is. (I know 8 months is the minimum this year but you need to complete what you undertook to do) Thanks.
  5. Based on LSO site, the Early Filing Deadline for a June 2021 call is now May 3rd, 2021. So it has been moved from the usual April 1st deadline.
  6. Thank you for the response. From your understanding, if we are getting notified a few weeks before our Call date on what to do, does that mean the April 1st Early Filing deadline does not apply anymore? Usually to be called in June that was the cut off date to submit our stuff.
  7. Thanks. I was assuming that was the case. But technically you could meet all the requirements by March-April this year when starting in August (as it's an 8 month minimum). Could someone who started in August not be called on the April 29th Administrative Call?
  8. For those currently Articling, does anybody know the timing of the Call to the Bar? On the LSO site there is mention of a June administrative call, but there are also call dates listed in February, March, and April. I first thought we had to wait until to June to be called but now I am hearing it can be done earlier?
  9. Passed both. Thank God this saga is over.
  10. So I guess Barrister results are supposed to come out this week? Edit: They are out! Was hoping they'd just give Solicitor today too, but looks like we'll have to wait another couple weeks.
  11. I think some of the criticism about practice tests are unwarranted, it's not easy to make a mock Bar exam without precedents. BUT, I do fully agree with this. Is it really that hard to avoid putting clear Barrister PR questions in the Solicitor and vice versa? There was lots of this from all the companies.
  12. How are others feeling about Solicitor exam?
  13. Just shows you how people have different experiences because I found it the opposite. Barrister was more based off material for me but felt like I had to make educated guesses for most of Solicitor.
  14. I agree. Most seem to have found the Solicitor difficult (so far)
  15. I find the Solicitor materials much more complicated than the Barrister. There are many long passages as well which makes it harder to locate answers. Any advice from people who have written it in the past would be appreciated.
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