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  1. Miguel

    Date change on application

    When I got accepted mine changed twice. The first time was Dec 2nd and the second time was on Dec 15. I got the admission email about ten minutes after the second date received change.
  2. It says that right from the get go once you submit an application. The only thing that will change is your "date received" once they process your application and change again once they make a decision, from my own experience anyways.
  3. I can't speak to TRU but for Sask you are probably a bit of a stretch. LSAT and B2 are currently both below median, and even if your term 2 marks are able to dramatically increase your B2 it will be late in the acceptance cycle. Additionally, no one really knows what a "strong" PS is for each school. Best bet might be to focus on rewriting the LSAT and improving your score. I would suggest writing in June and then again in Sept if your score is below your expectations. This way you will have a complete file early in the cycle, rather than writing Sept and being forced to write Dec if the score comes back low (depending on when you wrote your other LSATs and do not go over the three in two years). As for a score, unless your B2 dramatically improves (3.6+), you will likely need a 160+ on the LSAT to be considered a strong candidate in my opinion. Best of luck!
  4. You are pretty much right on the median for both GPA and LSAT so I would say pretty good chance. It seems it is tough to predict sometimes without the SK connection though. I would still say good shot overall though (for whatever a random internet strangers opinion is worth). Best of luck.
  5. Miguel

    Accepted to USask 2017

    In the pdf they sent you it says what you need to include: passport photo, $300 money order, signed acceptance letter and whatever else your file is missing. Put all that in an envelope and either drop it off at the law building or mail it to them, probably attention Doreen Petrow. When they get it and process it Doreen will send you an email saying you have accepted. Nothing changes on your online application that you can still access however.
  6. Miguel

    What % is 3.39?

    Well I think they do use a 4.3, and a 4.0 scale just to add extra confusion haha. Here, they say 3.7/4.3 or better. http://law.usask.ca/programs/law-degree/index.php Then on the 2016 first years at a glance, it says 3.41 median, and also out of a 4.3 scale. This is where Doreen told me it was a typo and should have been 3.41/4, which is roughly 3.7/4.3. http://law.usask.ca/documents/JDFactSheet_2016_FINAL.pdf Talking to Doreen was pretty helpful for me as she advised me to apply early with such a strong Sask connection and hope to get in with early admissions because most applicants with strong Sask connections seem to apply later in the cycle for some reason she said. This advice saved me from the Feb LSAT since I was accepted already.
  7. Miguel

    What % is 3.39?

    Agreed, it can artificially raise/lower your stats when converting from % to gpa. I do think it is a tough situation though, as some applicants will have gpa scores, and others will have percentages and they need some way to bring them all into a comparable statistic.
  8. Miguel

    What % is 3.39?

    I was confused about the same thing initially, when I met with Doreen I asked her about it. She told me that it is because the information is misprinted on their "applicant profile" pdf. She told me the 3.39 average and 3.41 median are out of 4, even though it says they are out of 4.3, which I thought was quite odd. When I self calculated my gpa, my 82% turned into 3.61/4.3 and without recalculating and just using an online conversion table that is roughly a 3.38/4. This is just what she told me so take it with a grain of salt, but I do find it somewhat hard to believe half of the accepted applicants have a gpa lower than 3.41/4.3, 3.41/4 seems much more reasonable to me.
  9. Miguel

    Accepted to USask 2017

    Also accepted on the 15th, but thought I would still chime in. LSAT:160 B2: 3.61/4.3 Strong Sask connections. (U of S grad in spring) Also to those possibly wondering about "date received" on the application portal I was checking it quite frequently. My file had two date changes, my initial date received was the day I applied, then it changed to Dec. 2nd and then changed to Dec. 15th. I received my offer from Doreen very shortly after the second date change. Will be accepting.